Let’s Swap Tales

When the world was an apple, spinning on a pole
The animals would gather at the water hole
The newt and the zebra, the tiger and the bear
Would talk about their business in the morning there, oh yeah

Well one day a monkey in a sassafrass
Espied a little bunny grazin’ in the grass
He said, “Hey B’rer Rabbit! It’s plain to see
that all the other monkeys would envy me
If I had a tail, all white and furry
that I could flash like you when I’s in a hurry,” oh yeah

The rabbit looked up, at the monkey there
And thought about hangin’ high up in the air
He said “I’d exchange with you, if I only could,”
But the monkey knew how to make it good
He said “I know of a rock where wishes are granted
by the light of the moon when a certain seed is planted” oh yeah

So Let’s Swap Tails, let’s swap tails
Give me yours and I will give you mine

So they found that special seed and they went on their way
They got to that rock the very next day
By the light of the moon, that seed was planted
And quick as a flash their wishes were granted!
Now they each possessed the others tail
And they laughed and they danced on the homeward trail, oh yeah

Now the monkey was happy with the effect he had
It made th’other monkeys jealous, and some of them mad
They said, “What good is that? You ain’t no winner
You can’t hang from that thing to gather your dinner”
But the monkey turned around, and just for spite
As he walked away his tail flashed white, oh yeah

Now the rabbit discovered, despite his whims
He could only hang from the lowest limbs
And while he revelled in his new ability
He did not posess the monkey’s agility
And then a fox saw him hangin’ one day
and he said “I see my next meal out on display!” oh yeah

Well, the rabbit spied the fox, and went off runnin’
But you know the fox relied more on his cunning
The rabbit reached his burrow and in he scooted
But wasn’t aware that his tail protruded
When the fox came by, he saw it there
And began to pull the rabbit from out his lair, oh yeah

he said Let’s Swap Tails, let’s swap tails
Give me yours, I sure will give you mine
(just gimme yours first, you unnerstand)

Now the monkey was starvin’ up in his tree
When he heard the rabbit holler “Oh please help me!”
He quick turned around and he flashed his warning
To where a lion was resting on a hill that morning
The King of the Beasts sez, “What do I see?
It looks like a rabbit up a sassafrass tree!”
He went to investigate with all his pride
The fox let go and ran to hide
Then the lion roared “How does it happen
that all this fuss disturbs my nappin?”
So the rabbit and the monkey explained their plight
And just what happened that moonlit night
But the lion laughed, he said “You’ve come out on top
Now you really got one good tale to swap!”

Let’s Swap Tales, lets swap tales
Tell me yours and I will tell you mine
Let’s Swap Tales, lets swap tales
Tell me yours and I will tell you mine

Let’s Swap Tales, lets swap tales
Let’s Swap Tales, lets swap tales
Let’s Swap Tales

2021 02 21 j coleman