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Technically, this was made in 1934, although three-color Technicolor had been around for a couple of years by then. A Disney short called Flowers and Trees used it in 1932, and it was so good that Uncle Walt signed a contract which forbade its inventors from licensing the process to other animation studios.

fair film

Fortunately, newsreels were still allowed to use Technicolor, and this fantastic piece of film survived the years, complete with narration. It shows the '33-'34 Chicago World's Fair as it was, crowded with people and full of oddly colored buildings. It's a lot less depressing than the 1930's stereotype- but like Calvin's dad says, the whole world was in black and white in 1933 because they hadn't invented colors yet.

I found this film while sorting through pictures of piles of cheap souvenirs from the Fair. Man, they sold a lot of junk to the rubes. (I was born a rube myself)

fair film


Two years later it was gone.

north island

But the Fair had been a smash hit! New York City would follow along with the Trilon and Perisphere in 1939.