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A Summer Place

I love this one when it's hot.

Theme From A Summer Place

I just watched the movie all the way through for the first time, and it's hilarious. But the music is pretty good. Here's the movie soundtrack by the original orchestra.

A Summer Place Soundtrack

The famous theme starts about 4 minutes in, and it is a lot lighter on strings- Max uses either soprano saxes or clarinets to play the melody up to the bridge. I like it better, the stereo field is deeper, but listen how the tempo suddenly picks up near the end. I believe they recorded these things to the movie back then, and Max probably noticed he wasn't going to hit a cue. I can just see him frantically waving his arms!

So the first version was like, #1 on the charts for 9 weeks. If you were alive then, you heard it! When I wrote a song about that era I quoted the melody in my bridge, along with a bunch of other melodies from the radio back then.

Everyone Called Him Jack

At the time I was trying to make sense of our country's worship of John Kennedy. Not judging, mind you, just trying to understand it. I wrote it sometime after Reagan had aroused similar feelings from a different group of people.



Fly little birds! Fly!

I miss these guys around here (from the left it's apogee, nox, and calidreamin' (in a supporting role). The actual show doesn't open for a week or two, and I am not allowed to say where it is until it does. It's a nice setup in a hip location and will be seen by hundreds of people.

Looking forward to nox getting plugged in and having the light hitting the edges, and that scent of tea in the air...

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