The time is the mid 1970's. The place is Luckee's Elbo Room on the corner of Manor and Old Dorwart in Lancaster. I'm here because although the drinking age in this state is 21, the staff at Luckee's, like Justice, is blind.

The band is called Wooden Nickel- guitar, banjo and mandolin- and they are playing newgrass. When they take a break I find the singer and tell him they need a bass player. He agrees. That's when I start working with Bill Nork.

Wooden Nickel live
from the left- Bill Noll, me, Bill Nork, and Tom Hansberry.

Year pass, bands come and go. Now it's the late 1990's. Nork is in Johnne Tuzza's Rockville Studio recording Crazy Music.

Bill and Johnne

More years pass. In 2013 I get the urge to record my own versions of the songs on Crazy Music. It takes over a year.

Here's the opening cut of the record I call Send Me the Bill.

Run Away and Hide

The 16 songs on this record will be available from CD Baby on or about December 22nd, and should make it to itunes and other download sites by early next year.