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Found a pair of these old Univox mic stands on Craig's yesterday. I thought the look was good for the moonbase, and they have the advantage of the one knob adjustment for both boom angle and extension. Genius!

They are a little odd in that the base shaft is a bit shorter than the usual mic stand.
I don't know why, exactly, I just like 'em.

As it happens, I knew the guy selling 'em- Bill Grabowski, a studio owner/muso who I hadn't seen in years.


He's doin' his California thing.

Progress report from the Moon Base

This shot, taken from somewhere in the Kuiper Belt, shows why the states are all different colors.


Elastic tensioning devices on the boom. Night time on earth.


The flickering aurorea are caused by antique bulbs, it seems. Finally got them all working, but not without an implosion.

Light from the boom illuminates Ray Messer's drumkit.


A view of the moonbase, 1-13-2019, 10:19:44, EST.
(there's more computing power IN YOUR CELLPHONE!!!)

moonbase wide

Here's the photon shield, fully extended on its new support structure, on 01-12-2019.

in back

The photon shield activated. Highly effective!


Support structure for the photon shield. Copper alloy tubing- surprisingly inexpensive.

curtain rod

Yes, things are shaping up here at the base. Still, it's a never-ending pursuit. Someday I hope to get one of these- an F.S.A. (feline streaming apparatus).


Pretty salty.

Time to replace the old bamboo screens in the studio. I scored some soft goods, a 20' by 24' black curtain, that was headed for the trash at work. I needed to cut it down a bit.

curtain layout

I don't have a big enough floor to lay this out properly. At work they have soft goods tables as big as my entire studio.

curtain going up

Here it's been cut to length (height?) and hanging has begun.

curtain going up2

Almost done. It's hanging from the old bamboo poles that used to hold up the screens.

curtain is up

This is the front of the curtain, in place, on the left. Yes, you can't really see it, that's the point. The back of it is just as black.

in back

In fact, the back is the part I'm excited about! I can take photos now without worrying about junk in the background. The curtain is the full height of the room- over 9 feet.

caltrop 01

Now I can take pictures like this... and have a little fun with them.

caltrop 04

Another thing is that the reverb time has dropped in here. Not sure how that will affect the drum sound, but the curtains can always be pulled back/tied up somehow to adjust that. Overall it sounds quieter.


quantum projection

New year and a new paradigm. Quantum Projection. That's where you take a non-working video projector and diddle with it until it sort of works, even though it's never going to go back in the box again.

(That's Tom Hanks on a raft. Sounds like something a baptist would use to cuss, don't it? TOM HANKS ON A RAFT!!!)

I've been listening to some lectures about quantum mechanics- This is a really good one. "There's a clearer sense of what's important..." In which Philip Ball lays it out mostly clearly, in a lecture hall where freakin' Faraday made some presentations. (If I ever was ever to get in there I'd scratch my initials in that desk!)


Anyway, here's Captain Queeg, in a somewhat similar situation to Mr. Hanks.


So here's the thing. I think that I know what's wrong with this projector. But the thing is that what's wrong with it doesn't make it unusable. Mr. Ball's lecture explains a lot, but it has a bit of a quantum error in the midst of it, which seems to me to be exactly the point, and exactly the same thing that's going on with this projector. His lecture is very useful, even though there's something going on that isn't exactly what was intended.



hang left

hang right

New boards holding up the JBLs. They sound good up there...