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Looking through old photos, scanning them...


Me and my high school crush. As you can see, she was a beauty!

I had this Polaroid Swinger camera, and I guess I had it for years. It made "instant" photos. In 30 seconds (in warm weather).

Meet the Swinger, Polaroid Swinger... I had won this thing via some contest at Burger King, or somebody in my family won it, anyway, and I latched on to it. Film was very expensive, but just being able to see what you had taken a picture of in less than a week was what hooked me. Of course, then came digital... but not for many years.


My best friend- coolest/funniest person in the world. Worked at the mall.

multi exposure

A while later, and I had my own place, and my own band. You could easily do multiple exposures with the Swinger.

But of all the pictures I'd taken with it, this one was/is the one.

betty lou


Re-wrote the last verse of Town Full of Sand while cleaning out gutters yesterday. Talk about life imitating art!

Town Full of Sand v.3

I've got some place-holder electric guitar parts in there for now, but that isn't exactly the sound I'm going for. Still, hard to beat a Casino through a Champ turned up to 10. Thanks, Bruce!

cooking 2

This one is still simmering in the daubière. I just have to remember to check back in on it every so often.