I really don't know anymore. I wrote Grizzly Delights based on a guitar riff that I thought was the Sweet Jane riff, but now that I listen to it, it really wasn't. I didn't probably even know what Sweet Jane sounded like, back then. I had roomates who had the Velvet Underground records, but I didn't, and so mostly I knew about them by hearsay.

Or what you might call jam-say, which is when you get together with some people to play music and someone says "let's do Sweet Jane!" and only one person actually knows how it goes. And some of the words.

I knew about the opening lines- Standin' on a corner, suitcase in my hand. And I knew that the song had something to do with heroin. That was about all I needed to come up with Cars roll past my window, which was MY opening line for a song about the junk that people were turning on to in MY neighborhood, yeah.

I wrote this while living in Paradise (incidentally a line from a Costello song, which was ironic before irony was ironic). Paradise is about as far from NYC as it's possible to get- horse-drawn buggys on the highway, the mud auction in spring down the road a ways in Gordonville... Knowing that Lou Reed was about as hip as a person could get (media-wise), I may have written Grizzy Delights as a parody. Maybe.

It's unclear.

music - Jeff Coleman- Grizzly Delights

But to all of us who never actually knew him, Lou Reed was a brand, a way to sell stuff more than anything else. Mascara and black leather and attitude.

Happy halloween!