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The studio has taken a 90 degree turn to the South.

"Your Best Friend" is a remix of tracks I recorded last Spring, along with new bass and drum parts.

"Out of Season" came together over the past few days. I had most everything done but the vocals, and I wasn't sure of the lyrics. Then I fixed an old microphone I had lying around for years, and to test it recorded a vocal track for "Season". That did it.

Props to my exband Dark 30 for the groove.

"Junko Partner" is from a session November 24th. Dr. Mo came over, I set up a couple of mics and we recorded live. Mo and I used to do this same guitar&piano thing at the open mic night he hosted a few years back at Granfalloons in York.

It's a song by Dr. John. Mo said "don't play it like him", which was no trouble at all since there is no way that I could.

This was take 2 or 3. You may detect evidence of the medications we were using at the time.

So what is a "mookie farm" anyway?

Your Best Friend speaks louder than words. Download mp3.

Out of Season Love takes a holiday in Spain. Download mp3.

Junko Partner Dr. Mo takes a shot of Dr. John's medicine. Download mp3.

Mash Note A happy, strummy song of love and abandonment. Yes, this is the song Dave SanSoucie covered on "Dead in Dog Years". Download mp3.

Love in Vain Blues Sounds like a Sunday afternoon to me. Dr. Mo and "Jeffrey" on guitar and piano.
Download mp3.






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