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February 27, 2008


Every so often I get to splurge on new toys. I made a trip to Drums Etc. here in Lancaster today, just to look for some things to make shaker noises with.

Music stores are a hoot. A kid came in, asking what kind of tamborines they had. Well, they've got about 50 different tamborines there, so it wasn't a problem. He wanted one with a skin head on it, so he could beat on that "with the band," he said. Makes sense to me.

But sadly, like the song says, How much does it cost?, and he was about ten bucks shy. Man, I wish I could have given him the money- he was so enthusiastic about a stinkin' tamborine!

Anyway, I found these items here- some shaker things, and a "laptop" snare. Dave with the Gadjo Playboys has one of these and I've wanted one since I heard him play it. Now I'm able to go sit in with acoustic players and not drive 'em nuts with loud drums.

Oh yeah, a new mix of Faith with new shaky things on it. Accordion too, but you'll never know it, it's so far back in the mix. Makes me happy, though, sort of like that kid with his tamborine fixation.

February 25, 2008

If you're new here you may be somewhat shocked to learn that I've been continuing to work on the song Faith. I don't have a record company demanding releases, but when I come up with something I like I tend to share it as soon as it's close to listenable.

There were parts of the vocal I didn't much like, and while I was fixing them I found a better eq for the rhythm guitar and so on. Really, when you have the studio in your basement, a song is never actually finished- unless some disaster strikes and you can't work on it any more.

Today, a new version of Faith. Much, much better. New vocals, a 12 string guitar... and really, the ending is more "hair-standing-up" then before.

February 23, 2008

I let that door swing open this week and here's what danced through- kinda bleak, but then it's been bad news lately for some people I know.

Dark music like this has always drawn me. I can play a major scale but when I do a "happy" song it's usually goofy. No, I like the way some bands dig into the gloom and pull something out that's reassuring, somehow.

So, like a cross between Neal Young and Radiohead, here's Faith.

February 20, 2008

I'm always looking for ways to promote the studio. Today I went first to WFMU, an online radio station just weird enough to enjoy Never At A Loss For Words (I think). I wrote to the program director there, but I'm sure he gets a lot of mail. Hey, send in a request, it can't hurt!

After that I started looking for some new mp3 review sites. As always there's plenty of these out there- see this list at The Hype Machine! So I start through them, one at a time. Of course the trouble is, mostly the online reviewers are hip young things, and they are mostly interested in hip young bands, not hip older folks like we feature here. Still, I believe I will find at least one review site that isn't totally preoccupied with being trendy and knowingly obscure. Someday.

Ahh, but my search has already led me to an interesting music site- The Music Snob. The Music Snob is a WIKI, which means that users can edit the entries. You'll find my entry for Steam Powered Studio here. I'm looking forward to comments and edits there- those of you who aren't scared of computers may try your hand. They generally list "pros" and "cons" for the listed site, so have fun!

February 17, 2008

I had completely forgotten about this one. I listened back to a mix from October 2006 and I knew it could be much better. I'm not even sure if I "officially" released this one at that time- I doubt it.

Whatever- here today for your listening pleasure, a new mix of a rather odd sort of composition I call Never At A Loss For Words. It's probably largely inspired by the Joe Ellis stuff I was recording back then. It's based on some piano improv, with stuff added for flavor.

February 11, 2008

The featured song this week is a good one for Valentine's. It's from the Speedboys' gig at the Pequea Inn, and it's one of those songs they did live that night that I think tops their version on record.

I'm looking for any pictures of the Pequea from back in the day. Let me know if you've got some, please, and I'll post them here.

February 07, 2008

The Speedboys

Here's that classic band now- the Speedboys. They played around here from the late 1970's into the mid '80's, released two albums (to good reviews) and kept us kids dancin' in joints like The Pequea Inn.

I was given some reel to reel tapes the other day by singer Robert Bobby that were recorded at a gig at the Pequea sometime late in the band's career. He hadn't been able to listen to them (who among us has reel to reel players any more?) and we were pleasantly suprised with the quality of both the recording and playing.

There were one or two issues with the recordings that I've been able to correct so I'll be featuring tunes from that evening from time to time. I'm keeping the in between song chatter, so listen close (and bring your fifth). I haven't found any photos of the bar- you'll have to picture an old frame building near a railroad line by a river.

You can find some videos of The Speedboys on YouTube.

February 04, 2008

Well, that was just super, wasn't it? Here at Steam Powered it's Super Monday because we got yet another sponsor. So let that dial spin, Joe!

I was earning my keep yesterday during the game, transferring a full night's gig from reel to reel tape to digital. The gig was from a classic local band at a classic local venue, and I hope to release some of those classic tunes locally. Tonight I'm cleaning up some clicks on these recordings, which otherwise sound exceptionally good considering their age.

February 03, 2008

A new month, fresh sheets. (eeeww, that doesn't sound so good, does it?)

What I mean is that the last month goes into an archive (like it really matters) so that this page doesn't take so long to load. After 6 months or so things get pretty unwieldy. So look for the "archives" links over on the right if you feel you've missed anything.

The Spons-O-Meter shows another bump. It really does go to 11, if you look close. Once we get past that we'll have to repaint the dial. Anyway, thanks Scott!

We'll start the world's shortest month featuring a song by Willie Marble, one called Evil. Willie and his friends are doing some great work for the community, raising funds and musical awareness with Music For Everyone. Check it out.

Finally, there's a change in my studio photo, below. Yes, those were better times for us. I'm honoring a band from way back with my caption here- maybe you know who? Maybe you've got a better caption?

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