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June 29, 2008

Checking out a new hosting service here.

Wow. It worked. You know, I've been running websites for years now, but the mysteries of ftp and dns servers and all that crap still don't make sense to me. I'm flabergasted when things actually connect.

So I had to find a new host for Steam Powered Studios online. My other one stopped working and nobody was answering my emails. I've got quite a habit here- not being able to update for 7 days was driving me nuts!

I've shopped for hosts before. You can spend weeks analysing the various services and options, but like I said, it doesn't make sense to me. I googled until I found a dude who wrote about his host and how he liked it. He's a Swedish musician who writes his own webpages and who hosts lots of music files, so right there I decided that this would probably work for me. The terms and the price seem great, so here I am at a place called SiteGround.

It seems to load faster than my old site- let me know if you find that to be true. All the song files and graphics still live on the old server- they will get transferred to this site soon.

June 22, 2008

Before I forget, there's these guys- after the Robin Nolan Trio played there were some bluegrass jams in Dave's horse stable. Mr. Jerry McCoury favored us with some songs. His guitar had a big crack in the top of it- I don't know how long that had been there, but it sounded fine.

He shot over to upright bass for this song, and man, Jerry can slap that puppy! A great song, can somebody let me know who wrote it?

Are You Teasin' Me.mp3     Are You Teasin' Me.ogg

(this track, like other live and ambient recordings, is best heard through headphones or earbuds.)

June 20, 2008


Well now...

Me and Olds Sleeper got together tonight to see if we could do anything.

What do you think- should we keep workin' it?

Clear In Fifth.mp3

June 19, 2008


Here's the lovely and talented Bekka adding some harmonies to The End of All Things. I'll tell ya, these kids keep ya steppin'...

My good friend Bill Nork recently created a MySpace page for the Fender Twinns, a band he and I were in sometime last century. Stop on by and leave a message, be a friend, write on the wall...

How about a new featured song? This time it's my Drivin' Rain, which has got Doug Riley playing mando on it, and Dave Bronson playing guitar. I believe we recorded the basic tracks live down at the studio in Pequea.

June 17, 2008

Interesting night's work tonight... Last week Maya recorded some harmony vocals on one of the OTLF songs. Then she left for some fiddle lessons or something and Peter and Monica hung out and tracked vocals. Well, I've worked backwards through the work that evening so it took until tonight for me to listen back to what Maya had recorded first.

Wow. It isn't so much that her singing is awesome, but it's where she sings. She comes in on harmony with Jordan at a point deep into the song, and hearing a female voice there changes the entire feel. I hadn't heard her part before so it was a big happy surprise.

So I did a fresh mix on Hurricane tonight and I got some more clarity out of the instruments, which is always a good thing. It's getting close to a final mix.

June 16, 2008


Here's Peter doing his thing in the studio. We now have just a very few vocal harmonies and mixes to do and then this project will be ready for the mastering...

June 12, 2008


I really enjoy doing this, but except for when I screw it up. Tonight Monica sang really well in the studio and I failed to have the channel assigned properly. Then the moment was gone.

Well, I did get this sort of Edward Hopper-esque photo. Maybe that was the point?

June 11, 2008

Today, a new featured song to go with the odd animation. I parked myself in front of this band with some microphones on a stick and recorded them straight to digital stereo. You get a lot of ambience this way- to my ears, they sounded fuller, more mid-rangey in reality.

I think ears are selective filters sometimes. When we focus our attention on the band in front of us, we tune out the conversation and ambient space around us. The microphones don't lie, though, so what you hear in the mp3 is really what was there. Another case where the art is to make "natural" sound more natural than it really is...

June 08, 2008

Robin Nolan Trio

Well that was fun. Dave of the Gadjo Playboys hosted the Robin Nolan Trio over to his house yesterday. Robin is one of the best Django-style guitarists anywhere, and his trio is excellent. Forgive the odd animation, but a still photo really doesn't do them justice.

June 06, 2008

David Byrne has a new installation/artwork in NYC where you can play a building. That's right, a building. When you press a key on the controller, various pneumatic/electro/mechanical things happen that may knock on a cast iron column or blow air across a hole in a pipe.

It's interesting- a nice idea in concept, a bit contrived in execution, yet in the context of big city art, a fun time.

One thing for sure- the idea of "meaning" is in question...


Bo Diddley

Bo Diddley

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