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December 26, 2011

You'll enjoy a visit to Arcadia Street. I like Walter's illustrations of prehistoric earth, his photography, and his music.

December 24, 2011

infinite baby jesus

He's on his way- infinite baby Jesus.

December 23, 2011

trick mic

Thanks, Bob, for sending me this link. It's so much fun! I'm intrigued by the mic this guy is singing into. There are two cables coming out of it, and it appears to have two elements, but I doubt it was ever intended to be a vocal mic. Probably someone on the set thought it looked cool. Ties in visually with the black masks.

trick mic

I imagine it was from a portable stereo tape recorder. Definitely check out the video- the music is rockin', the dancin' is amazing, and this guy pulls off some great James Brown-esque screams. And animal noises...

December 20, 2011


Sorry for not posting in a while.

The new space is great. The best thing so far is having lots of room around the playback speakers. The bottom end sounds very different- I'm sure there are a lot of factors involved in this, but for the most part it's gotta be room "modes".

Hearing more and better detail in the mix will be great. It's also nice that two or three people can move around without bumping into each other.

There's also room for loaners like this 1/2 track 1/4" tape machine. Nice to be able to listen to old Dark 30 and Fender Twinns masters again!

December 06, 2011

set up

Some stuff in the new place...

December 04, 2011

rett up

It really is the end of an era. I'm moving all the stuff out of the basement and into the new space this week.

One of the first things recorded here were tracks for the Dark 30 CD, Waitin' For Your Love. I had a borrowed Tascam 8-track tape machine.

I moved out of the basement and into the third floor front room for several years. I was mostly working with a four track cassette machine. Sometimes I borrowed a Panasonic 8 track digital recorder, sometimes I had a mini-disk recorder. Most of what I was doing was solo acoustic work. I wrote a lot of songs during this Love's Algebra period.

I moved back into the basement in the late 1990's, into the smaller of the two "rooms" down there. It had good acoustics because of the the exposed joists of the ceiling. I was still working with borrowed multitrack recorders until around 2001, when I bought the Yamaha AW 4416 16 track machine. I've been using that ever since, with no regrets.

The move back to the basement was the time when I started recording other people. First was Robert Bobby- we did some tracks in his basement and some in mine, and started the MP3 by Midnight deal... we'd record and mix a song and upload it to in one evening. We thought we'd be big stars...

The years passed and I had many people record CDs here- the Gadjo Playboys, Joe Ellis, Willie Marble, Blind Joe Death, the Summer Thieves, Old Time Liberation Front, the Stray Birds, Jen and Charlie, Woggie Noggie, and I've done lots of restorations and one-off recordings, plus my solo stuff. It's been big fun, and lots of great memories, but the new space will let us rock!

December 03, 2011

jealous lover

Thomas Hart Benton might have painted this to illustrate The Willow Garden. Or something similar for By the Banks of the Ohio. Or Two Lovers by those Old Time Liberation Front kids.

The theme of love and murder is strong in Hollywood in the 1940's as well, with film noir. I'm watching Mitchum now in Out Of The Past, which is amazingly good. Murdering your lover is as American as apple pie.

I remember seeing this painting as a kid (Persephone was my favorite, of course!) and I never understood then that the fiddler and players in the foreground were telling the tale in the background. Duh...

December 01, 2011


Believe in the Studio.

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