February 29, 2012

recording setup

They staked out some space in Nashville, and claim that the locations of the mics are adjusted to the millimeter. Somehow I believe it.

As you know I love photos like this. David uses a C-37A on his guitar (but probably his is in better working order than mine, because I have yet to find anything mine sounds good on). Gillian has some odd wire taped to her vocal mic. I hope to get the chance to mic Maya's 'jo from down around her knees like this someday...

Note the lack of the ever-present vocal windscreens- yes, you can hear them, and you can do without them if you're careful. I like the hard wooden chairs. Good chairs are important. No creaking!

Photo from Tape Op magazine, the best magazine about recording on the planet. This issue had interviews with these two AND Brian Eno plus a review of the Buddha Machine that just saved me $23.00

February 27, 2012


Some things are meant to be. I mentioned to Bob Ulrich that I'd like to have an old "console" here at the studio someday- there's just something about the sound and the smell of stereo consoles that says rock and roll to me. Lo and behold, he finds a free console beside the road, and here 'tis.

It sounds like a million bucks. It's got the bassiest damn bass, and the trebliest damn treble you could ever want. Note the "Agents of Fortune" album on top- yes, that's right, it plays Don't Fear the Reaper the way is was s'posed to be played!

As soon as I figure out how to pipe the output from the recordin' machine through this, it's going to be the playback engine of choice around here!

February 23, 2012

Some other guys in their clubhouse...

February 17, 2012

Oh, what a fool!

Summer Thieves working in the new Steam Powered studio. Our clubhouse.

It's turning out to be real comfortable- wherever the guys feel like settling in to play I can throw a mic on them and it will sound half way decent. We're in the stage of figuring things out here.

On this song, Oh What A Fool, we got a scratch track with a great feel and are building on it. (click the pic to hear a sample) We also started on another one about driving a car...

February 13, 2012


Here's a guy who has worked hard to achieve musical excellance. Well, maybe not excellence so much as style. It's a brief studio tour video from WXPN.


It's Dan Auerbach from the Black Keys, and they do have an old-school rock thing happening. Part of the reason may be because he's using these old tube mixers here in his Akron Analog studio.


There's some kind of tape machine hiding behind the speaker there. Keep 'em flying!

Another visit

February 09, 2012


Awesome. Here's a guy who has worked hard to achieve physical excellence.


And here's another awesome photo. This one is really appealing, very sexy, without being overly sexist or anything. So what's my beef?

Where, oh where, is the tribute to the human brain? I mean, most animals, if left to themselves, achieve the sort of physical fitness we admire so much. We rarely see an overweight lion or a scrawny elephant. Physical fitness is pretty much the natural state of things.

But mental fitness? Most of us can't even recognize it when we see it. The ability to reason has been greatly undervalued, to the point where we don't even care.

How can we even measure it? The "I.Q" scale has been discredited, we get turned off by Jeopardy champs (who just seem to know a great deal of trivia), and "smart" guys and girls are generally despised. Why is that?

I mean, I don't despise a great athelete just because I'm not as fit as he or she is. I tend to admire them. Why not admire someone who has the ability to reason better than I can?

We don't, and we won't, for some reason...

(I blame advertising.)

Schools require tests of knowledge. Some even require thinking. Most of us hate this. But why is that? Is thinking so hard to do? Is it actually harder than training to do somersaults, or to press 300? Hmmm...

Is it because it's easy to measure physical fitness, and hard to measure mental fitness? Can there be an olympics for the mind?

February 06, 2012

stanly and its cousin

Here's a motha-o-pearl version of the little accordion I bought back in the 70's at Nicholas. The thing had been stored in an attic and some of the reed blocks had come loose when the heat there melted the reed wax.

I re-attached them using silicone adhesive, just because I didn't feel like waiting for a shipment of wax. Now I have to learn all about tuning...

February 02, 2012


It's a very special day here at the studio. It's the day we remind people to sponsor us.

Sponsors get access to all the music we make here, in exchange for helping us to make it. As far as I know we're the only recording studio that operates this way.

The benefits are that performers who wouldn't ordinarily have the time or resources to hire a recording studio are given the opportunity to relax and experiment. The benefits for me as the operator is that I can be choosy as to who I work with. The benefits for sponsors is that they can directly support the creative process and harvest an impressive variety of new music.

February 01, 2012

Dr. Mo

The doctor at work.