Steam Powered Studio


March 28, 2012

At last! The console is wired up and now all it needs are some running lights and a lid holder-upper. I thought I broke it on Monday. I had one of the inputs wired backwards, and in sussing that I must have knocked off a speaker wire, because one side flat didn't make any sound. I thought I had blown a transistor or something. Nice to find a loose wire like that sometimes.

The first song on the radio after I had it working again was Reelin' In the Years, which rocks, of course. Next I tried that Montovani album on the phono section. There is nothing quite as creepy as a Montovani violin gliss through a 40 year old GE console. Gotta sample that.

Now from my mixing board record out jacks I can run a headphone extension across the room to the console and "reamp" anything I want through it. I tried the latest Summer Thieves song first off, and then Kid A - sounds wonderful! I'm tempted to get some bean-bag chairs and pillows and move the mix position to the floor in front of the thing.

March 23, 2012


Linzi came by yesterday and we started work on her project. Queen of the Capo she sez...

March 21, 2012


Thanks to everyone who enjoyed St. Paddy's Day with us last week. We're back there again tonight.

Malone will probably attempt to play that new bazooka again- hopefully from a seated position it won't wail as much...

March 13, 2012

Ever so slowly...

console input

This is one of the "handles" of the front of the console. Now there's a 1/4" jack in it.


Hopefully it doesn't detract from the sleek Mediterranean design...

March 10, 2012

The schematic for the console was thoughtfully stapled inside- the printing so tiny it takes a magnifying glass to read. I was stymied for a time by the thing, 'til I discovered a second schematic under the first, which detailed the power amp sections. Found a couple of likely-looking wires and patched in a 1/4" jack... sucess! It accepts line-level signals! It even accepts Stratocaster level guitar signals! Not sure how it manages to do this, but a strat sounds awesome played through it.

March 04, 2012

Really enjoying the sound of my new console. I'm about to try to add an input so I can re-amp stuff through it.