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The Band Formerly Known As Summer Thieves have been working out some songs here over the past month. It's given me a chance to break out the gobos that have seemingly just been taking up space. I'm still pretty new at all of this. I'd never used gobos around drums before, and I was worried that they might munge up the sound- well, they haven't really, as far as I can tell.

The guys in T.B.F.K.A.S.T. burn through drummers at a rapid pace. The latest victim is Mike.


He's hanging in there pretty well so far.

In addition to the new songs, Tom has asked me to remix a couple of the older ones we did back at the studio on Maple Ave. I'm so glad he did, because in the new studio I can hear things in the mix that were mucking up the bottom end. Here's a tentative remix of a song called Injury

Summer Thieves Injury Remix

This one features the incomperable Oz on drums, probably recorded at the Buzz Box. I'm getting to believe that the fewer mics used on a drumkit the better. It's a phase thing. The brain gets confused when there are too many sources for something that is essentially the same sound. One of my favorite kit sounds is using two mics on a drumkit in a small room, one to the left and one to the right. Something about the saturation that happens when a drumkit is played loud in a small space!

Like this- a clip from my song Crime of Love recorded at the Cat Ranch in Paradise. Two mics on the drums in a small room.

Crime of Love clip

This was recorded before I had a compressor, or even knew what a compressor was. All done on the natch. Probably with these mics, too, which were the nearest thing I had to a "matched pair".

peavey mics

Heh. You can always tell a good studio mic by the on/off switch.

Anyhow, we've been working with a few more mics on the drums lately- 6, I believe. But I wish I could bring the room sound into it. Mike plays really hard (hard enough to knock things off the shelves), and the room sound of the drums that I hear in the scratch vocal mic is amazing.

tom sings

Seven tracks of drums?