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Another website design. What's the point of creating your own website if you don't change it from time to time?

Not done yet- I have several pages to create that will connect from here to subordinate areas. The audio workshop will be just one of those areas, rather than being the dominant one.

I picture the site being arranged as a garden of forking paths....
for Vivian


Vivian. It all started when I read an interview with the now defunct band Vivian Girls. They were asked if they chose their name because they admired Henry Darger. I had no idea who he was or why they would ask that question.

Turns out he's a giant in the outsider art scene. He created thousands of pages of fiction, and hundreds of illustrations, depicting a war between children and adults. The heroes of the war were seven sisters called the Vivian Girls.

I've liked the name Vivian ever since I heard it in the song Too Much of Nothing. It has to be the Basement Tapes version however- other artists substitute Marion (for no good reason). Dylan rhymed thus:

Say hello to Valerie
Say hello to Vivian
Send them all my salary
On the waters of oblivion

(yes, Marion does rhyme, but it's the doubled vees that make Vivian a much better choice here. Otherwise, why not use "reptilian"?)

Googling Vivian gave me another odd connection- in this case, a Vivienne, the first wife of old T.S. Eliot. She may have been crazy, or not, but she spent the last part of her life institutionalised. She was a writer but it's difficult to find anything she's written online. Interestingly enough, old T.S.'s second wife was named... Valerie.

I thought I had done with somewhat outside artists connected to the name Vivian, but then a chance posting on fb laid open a whole new world- the world of Vivian Maier. My photo of a girl on pony is a sort of tribute to one of her photos, only she had a small boy on a big horse. I think she would have appreciated the joke- and the technique (shot while driving).