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Isn't it iconic? A few years back I became obsessed with images combining an eagle with the American flag. I went online to see how many I could collect. Here's what I came up with at the time...about 64 images.

eagles 'n flag

Now I'm gonna check out the goog reverse image search. It wasn't available back then- let's see what we get!

eagle image #9

This brought in the best results so far. The other images I've tried to match were either too specific (returning the exact same image) or had some other association (middle east flag burning?) that didn't show me what I wanted to see.

So reverse image search isn't always the best way to go- just searching for the phrase "eagle and American flag" is the win. Many new takes on the theme this year!

search results for "eagle and American flag"

Maybe what's most interesting is the fact that few of the images I found years ago seem to still be out there. The internet eats itself.


Speaking of mystery... what is life without it? Have a close look at this image.

Göbekli Tepe

Without knowing anything specific about it, can you read it?

Maybe you know the story. Does the image bring forth new thoughts and feelings for you?

Maybe, like me, you know very little about it. You can figure out that it's an old religious painting, from the Christian religion, and if you've looked closely you see that the writing is in Cyrillic, so you may guess that it is a Slavic icon.

And that's all that (probably more than) most people care to know.

Not me, though. First, what is this red blob? Second, what is this guy on the ground trying to do, hold the guy with wheels for feet back or go up with him? What is the guy on the ground standing on, and what is in that black hole?

And what's the three-leafed plant there in the middle, and what are those white triangle things on the ground? Some look like they have heads on them- are they people watching?

Scholars may have, probably have, answers for all these things. Scholarly answers aren't very satisfying. I prefer a naive interpretation. The image was not intended to be studied, it was intended to have an effect.

That big red blob certainly sets off the figure inside of it as a special person. You see the wheels and the horses only dimly- they are sort of rationalizations for the action, which is that the man is rapidly drawn up to heaven. As if drawn on a chariot.

And he's reaching out, he wants to go. He sees only a hand which beckons him(?) with a strange two fingered gesture. The three horses look to the hand, strangely docile creatures, servants of its will.

The angel and the man in the air have holy lights around their heads. The man on the ground seems to have had one, or maybe it was removed by the artist at a later time. Anyway, he's not going, and if he's trying to stop this event, he is powerless to do so. I like that he is holding on, even as the angel waves him off, even as he is opposed to the will of the hand. He's just got to hold on.

He should probably know better, he is connected to that black, fathomless hole. He may not be evil, exactly, but he is of earth, not heaven. How disappointing! Maybe he is the artist who created the picture?