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My favorite Bottom? I remember the first time I saw a production of A Midsummer Night's Dream- that is, I remember the impression it made, but I don't know when it was, or which production. I am fairly certain it was on television, and I think it was in black and white, and on a tiny screen, which added to the magic somehow.

I have looked for this recently, but I'm not satisfied with any of the productions I've found so far. Oh, there are shining performances, such as Paul Rogers' Bottom in the 1968 film version, and the horned and horseback Oberon in the 1939 version, but the overall effect isn't there. Maybe it's me?

Maybe it's because I know how it goes now, and I didn't know then. There aren't really fairies and magic and all that sort of thing happening on mid-summer's eve- it's just an astronomical occurance, comes around every year at this time. Unless, of course, you were to show some respect to the man who wrote the play, who knew human nature better than you or I ever will.

My initial starry-eyed take on the thing lasted me through several decades. I thought, "oh, yes, a perfect description of love". Now I see more clearly, but as I think about it, more deeply.

Come on- the man with the head of an ass? The faerie queen who loves him? Haven't I seen this somewhere more recently, more close at hand?

Don't miss it- coming soon to a wooded area near you.

(but wait- this wasn't the first I had seen of the play. that would have been in Mr. Quinn's English class when, in a page from the carpe diem playbook, he attempted to get us brats interested in literature by having (some of) us read the parts in front of class. the part of Bottom was read by... Lucy Cox, a bookish girl with an unfortunate name, and I still remember her enthusiasm. all things considered, my favorite bottom.)