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For more than 15 years I drove to work every day along the same route. 20 minutes going and 25 minutes coming back.

When I got my first digital camera I began to snap pictures along the way. After a few months I got pretty good at hitting what I was aiming at without actually looking through the viewfinder, the camera having a wide field of view and being forgiving that way. I certainly missed a lot of good subjects that would have benefited from careful focus, framing, and exposure, but on the other hand I got a lot of good shots where the framing was enhanced by being unplanned.

Driving the same route every day is boring. It seems that everything is the same, but looking for photo subjects kept me alert to changes. I drove through several construction projects where the daily change could be dramatic, but my favorite long-term subject by far was/is Doll House

Doll House caught my eye for the first time when I noticed something on the lawn in front of a little pink house (really) on my way to work one morning. I missed that shot, but fortunately it was still there eight and three-quarters hours later when I came back. I was ready for it, and I wasn't disappointed.

The photo raised a lot of questions. It was obvious that nobody was currently living there. It looked as though they had moved out in a hurry. And when they left, intentionally or not, someone left a message.

The Doll House became a subject that I photographed at every opportunity. This would have amounted to two shots a day, five days a week, except for the fact that some days traveling to work there would be traffic in the other lane blocking the house. As the year progressed, it got dark too early to get pictures on the way home. On the other hand, the house was near a traffic light, and sometimes I would be stopped in front or moving slowly past, so I could snap two shots on that pass.

I now have over 600 photographs of the house and yard. I made a collage of the first 130 photos (back when I thought the story might be finished) but I continued to shoot the house daily until I moved and began taking a different route to work. Now I make the occasional drive out past the place after work or on weekends. It isn't the same as shooting it everyday, but I still haven't found a satisfactory ending to the story- maybe it's somewhere in those photos?