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This is where it all began.

cat ranch

The Cat Ranch in Paradise. My control room was an enclosed space under a porch landing that went to an upstairs apartment. I had great neighbors, who would wait until I was done tracking to climb up.

On the left is some sort of "four track" reel to reel. I can't remember how it worked, but it did allow for having four tracks playing in sync. This was bounced through the fabulous Peavy mixing board to the Sony stereo reel to reel on the right. And that came back over to the four track, along with an additional live stereo mix. Repeat as necessary.

The control room was scarcely any larger than what you can see- I stood in the doorway to take the picture. There's an old Astatic mic there on the right, which has always been pretty well useless, and the all-important cassette recorder, used for making master tapes. That bag on the mixer is full of Maxell UDXLII 90s, which would have been the hot lick back in the day.

There was another room, which some people would have called the "dining" room. Anyone could tell it was really the band room. That's where most people would play, but if I was tracking alone, I would have had to hit record and run back out there, so I only used it for drum tracks. There was another, even smaller room to the left of the control room where I could set up a guitar amp and play from in here.

It all worked- the first Dark 30 tape was made in this place, and it's a good recording.

Work has begun (actually, is well under way) on a CD-length recording for the Vinegar Creek guys.


It's been comfortable.

Monday will be Tom & Joe (formerly Summer Thieves) and Oz for a drum track for a new Joe song. They've been playing out together to get that groove going. Looking forward to working with them again.


Here's a story that found me while I was working on another story. It has an animal in it, but was actually written before the Bad Little Hen story that appeared here last month.

In Between
Niin and Neen

Once upon a time, there was a princess who lived in a kingdom of snow. Her house was made of snow, her city was made of snow, and she actually ate snow, morning, neen and night.

(Neen was what they called the half-way point between first trace of light and last flicker of dimness)

The people who lived in the kingdom of snow called themselves the snow people. It was bleak.

As you might expect, this princess has the desire for something, only she doesn't know what it is. It ain't snow, I can tell you that!

One day while she was out snow-shoing around the kingdom she met a black rabbit. The rabbit told her that she (the rabbit)came from the kingdom of coal, where everything was made of coal, and the people there lived in houses made of coal, and ate coal morning, niin, and night.

(Niin being that time half way between the first tiny lessening of blackness and the last hardly detectable glimmer of light in the kingdom of coal)

The princess thinks "maybe this could be the thing that I desire!" Only, no... on second thought, she decides that it's pretty much the same old. The opposite of a thing is hardly any different, really.

Then the princess married and had some kids and went on to live to a ripe old age in the kingdom of snow, and that was about it.

This is not the first time you heard this story, unless you're like 6 years old or something.

Tomorrow, I may tell you what the Crow said to Violet the Bad Little Hen when she was looking for a new home.