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June 27 shall henceforth be a personal holiday for me, in honor of the day that my definition of "personal holiday" was accepted by Urban Dictionary.

I don't know about you, but I'll take whatever crumbs I can get.

The studio is a journey of both sound and site.

There's been sound, namely, the mixing of the recording of a live Willy Marble Experience show. This was done in the box, which is a first for me. It's OK, but I'm still happier working with my rock-solid Yamaha AW4416. The laptop I was using died half-way through the project.

The site part has been the creation of Centerville17601, a directory, sort of. See, I've been thinking about this place called Centerville that isn't really a town or city or village. It's just a place that everyone around here kinda knows about. But there are so many people, places and things here that it really ought to be considered more than a highway exit. IMHO.