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I had right good fun mixing one of the new Summer Thieves tracks, called Take You Home. I broke down and gave them the effects they've been clamoring for.

I didn't want to, even though some of our best work together has featured some wild effects. Such as...

fuzz wah

...the Kay Fuzz Wah. Sadly, this one...

fuzz wah

...has gone missing, sometime since I used it for phasing bass guitar on Don't Stop Believing for the 2015 Battle of the Bands. If you see it, please send it home! It would have been perfect for this song.

But I do have a thing about not wanting to put effects on stuff. Probably since the 1980's, when every guitar had to have a chorus, and every snare drum a reverse gate. I may be recovering from that, finally.

I recently purchased one of these...


...a Kurzweil Rumour. That company has a unique understanding of sound, and whereas any given Yamaha product (with the exception of the SPX-90 series) will display a clean, but almost clinical sound, a Kurzweil will behave somewhat like a beast. Which is to say, interesting and a little out of control.

So naturally it was good for the latest Summer Thieves mix!