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Recording a dobro.

dobro mics

Been working in here with The Vinegar Creek Constituency lately. They play a variety of acoustic instruments- six or seven banjos, resonophonic guitars, fiddles, mandolins, a couple of bass- and I'm learning a lot.
This setup works nicely on the dobro, an instrument I've had problems recording in the past. The 57 was just a whim. Turns out it warms up the pie-pans, sort of the same way it works on a snare. The 4041 on the neck is for shimmer, and it delivers.
The bonus in this case is that when Banjo Doc moves his pickin' hand up the neck to mellow things out (as shown here) he cuts off some of the direct string sound hitting the doggy-eared Audio-Technica, for a nice effect.

A return to sponsorship.

The good folks over at Patreon are still in business, and I recently went over there to check out my account. I changed the patronship to an "all you can eat per month" type of thing, rather than a "pay for each thing" type of thing, which is more in keeping with how I think things should be.

I've started this off with a patreons only video of the recording of the drum track for the Summer Thieves' song Heart of Stone.

amp vault

The amp vault isolation cabinet made its debut late last month at a recording session for Summer Thieves and it worked like a charm.

Oz was on drums, with Tom playing guitar through an amp in the vault and Joe playing bass direct to the board.

amp vault 2

Inside the vault, a single 12" vacuum tube Mesa .22 running at about 1/3 volume did not overheat during the session. Outside the vault, the acoustic sound of Tom strumming the guitar was about as loud as the sound escaping from the amp inside.

I recorded everything live and the isolation was complete, except for the drums in the scratch vocal mic.

Next... vocal vault?