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Among the many things that are fascinating about the year 1933 is that it was in this year that radio broadcasting studios began using the concept of live end/dead end.

live end

This is the live end of the main room. As described in the article in Broadcast News, there was no sound treatment around the performers. I can attest to the fact that it's good for performance to have some nearby walls bouncing sound back to you.

dead end

This is the "dead" end of the same room. You can see the various sound-absorbing panels on the walls, as well as a carpet on the floor in the back. In broadcasting, none of the microphones would be located near the performers- rather, they relied on a single mic located here in the dead end.

They claim that the resulting sound was "most natural... without employing any special microphone technique to produce unnatural effects or mongrel combinations" (my emphasis!)

Bear in mind, before you remodel your entire studio, that the highest frequency passed by the cable carrying the signal to the broadcasting tower was 8,000 cps, considerably less than the 20,000 Hz we typically expect today.

Look over there on the left. Just under the poole. It's the sweet bird of Twitter.

Click on that bird and it will take you to a page where (I believe) you can choose to follow my tweets. It's good!

Tom and Joe

These birds were in the studio a couple of days ago. Encouraged by their recent airplay on WXPN they are eager to complete at least an EP's worth of new recordings. The newly rechristened Summer Thief.

On location chez Trixi.

Trixi and Jeff

The last time I recorded her at the piano was for the Joe Ellis project To Not Have Been Misunderstood sometime earlier this century. You can hear her playing on his song Slough It Off.

Back then I used a stereo mic on her upright. This time around, for a punchier sound, I went with two large diaphragm condenser mics, a Perception 420 on the bass side of the soundboard and a Rode NT1 on the treble.

Trixi at piano

Sounds good! This will get mixed into Jeff's song Angel and a Star on the upcoming Vinegar Creek Constituency release.