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Last Thursday's session with Vinegar Creek covered a lot of ground- mando breaks, fiddle breaks, and some fiddle+bass stuff. At one point I noticed that Jeff was intently scrutinizing the TV, which is always tuned to the classic movie channel for atmosphere.

movie mando

Seems there was a mandolin in the scene. Not a Loar tho...
barnstormer tryouts barnstormer tryouts
barnstormer tryouts barnstormer tryouts
barnstormer tryouts barnstormer tryouts
I enjoy making field recordings but I haven't had much opportunity to do so lately. Today I chanced into a situation that I couldn't pass by. I didn't have my usual recording gear, but the iPhone records well enough, as long as you're careful to put it in a good spot.

Barnstormers Auditions.mp3

Let's see what those guys are up to over at Right Coast.

Oh, that's very nice!


Last Friday these guys stopped in to begin a new project.


Yes, it's Willy Marble and Mr. Shade. Over the course of a couple of hours we recorded guitar, vocal and bass tracks for 9 songs. Still banging 'em out in the ol' workshop.


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The Vinegar Creek Constituency hope to complete all recording for their next thing by the end of the month.
Then, mixing.