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joe and tom

Five years ago these guys recorded a song at the Steam Powered Studio on Maple Ave. They must have been ahead of the curve, because just last week WXPN decided to give it a spin.

You can hear You Can't Lie by Summer Thief right now, but better yet, go to www.xpn.org/requests and ask them to play it!

Well, that was a first for the studio...

Nick on washboard

I used the M-Audio Solaris on this, based on its good response to really "plucky" tones, like banjos. I thought that if there was anything like a banjo, it was a washboard.

And that worked really well. On a second take I added a Beyer M 160 ribbon to better pick out the cymbol, but this usually smooth sounding mic got pretty harsh. The amazing Solaris wins!