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Back in the 1980's there was the DX-7. It was "the first commercially sucessful digital synthesizer", mainly due to its relatively low price. After a few years they came out with the toy version, the DX-100, at an even lower price.

dx100 ad
1980's style. The "team jacket" was in vogue at the time, as "the 50's" were being recycled (in new miracle fabrics!), along with fossil Reagan.

Of course I bought it. I always buy these things- my first gigable keyboard was the horrible Univox electronic "piano".

dx100 ad
the Univox. It says "perpetually moving onward", and I moved onward from this piece of crap as rapidly as I was able.

Did I seek to become a stage-striding albino rockstar with one of these around my neck? Maybe. I was 18 at the time.

The DX-100 also features stage-striding-enabling strap attachments! The BIG downside about this tiny keyboard was that it was incompatable with all the groovy patches (programable sounds) available for the DX-7. I learned that not only was digital audio equipment powerful like computers, it was subject to being an Apple vs. PC sort of thing, where buying something sort of locked you in.

I spent a few years trying to program my own usable sounds for it and came up with maybe 4 or 5 sort of meh ones. I used it live with Dark 30, but other than the Farfisa organ sound it was un-inspiring. It sat unused in the studio for a long, long time. Like, decades.

Until yesterday.

dx100 at gig
with The New Rotics at Mexitaly

What saves this keyboard from uselessness is the pedal sitting next to it on the stand there. Being able to distort and otherwise totally warp the sounds coming out of it makes it perfect for a three-finger player like me. Makes it sound like a dirty old Hammond or a Prophet or anything else- as long as you can't hear it too clearly!

Busy month. Of course, it's St. Paddy's Day for starters, which has become St. Patty's Week for anyone in an Irish band. Not complaining.

The Vinegar Creek Constituency project is in its nineth month. I'm a little confused about what tracks are where, but that's what notes are for.

banjo tracks
jeff in the driver's seat

The big round mic in front of the doctor is amazing on banjos of all kinds. It's an M-Audio Solaris gifted to Steam Powered years ago by Andy Sottile. The only mic named after an intelligent alien planet!

bob drums

The next phase in the Willie Marble project involves drums...

bob guitar

...and guitars.