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I was getting worried about coming up with a final post for the year, but this morning... ome!

ome dim

ome came by hints and suggestions, a train ride to Hanno...


...some chicken scratches on back of 2018's calendar.

ome plan

It grew as the day progressed.

ome long

Now ome is making great strides in shoe rack technology.

ome loaded

The days are getting longer now- I can feel it!

Today I got the aluminum extension for eiffel. This is it at full height, for use as a drum overhead mic stand.

ali eiffel hi

Below, it's lowered into position for a vocal mic.

alli eiffel low

It's hard to get good pictures as of now- I will be setting up a black curtain soon and doing a better job.

Winter Stoltzfus

Up til' 2AM moving the old JBL speakers (indicated by stars) to their better location near the west wall.


Gave me an excuse to listen to I.G.Y. at volume when I was done. I've heard that song about a billion times through some of the most hi-fi systems on the planet when speaker tests were being performed at Clair. This wasn't that good, but I have a basis for comparison, and it wasn't that bad either.

Have to come up with a better looking scheme to hang them, but they're in a good place and cover half the studio.

I've got a vague plan to make some rolling carts that will link together with these-

latch scheme

Coffin locks. We use a lot of them at Tait, to hold decks (stages) together. (those touring stages are all made up of various "decks" on wheels. Most of them are about 4' by 8', so it can be a lot of decks for a big show!) The colored rectangles represent the 4 rolling carts, in top view. I had scavenged just enough latches (which are half with pins and half with mating hooks) to make this scheme possible- two carts in the middle which can be attached to each other facing the same way or opposite ways, and two carts on the ends, which will attach to either middle cart, or to each other, but only in one way. I had to do this photo so I wouldn't forget how to arrange them- it's a little tricky!

The carts will be on casters, like almost everything else in Steam Powered Studio, so I can set things up quickly. They will have storage below, sound treatment on one side, and a table top for amps and other gear. These will replace the one mf-ing long workbench I inherited from the previous owner- which is much too heavy to move around.

And the internet just died a little.

Well, it didn't just happen, but this is the first time this new behavior has pissed me off. I'm old enough to know a time when a search brought you useful information. Now automated search engine optimizations and click-bait webpages generate so much noise that, while you can be sure the information is out there, it's sometimes impossible to find.

Case in point: I'm going to design some studio furniture for Steam Powered, and I went looking online for ideas. Google search brings up plenty of relevant images... (click to see this groovy set-up at full-size)

search results

It's a clever use of Ikea products (not that I'm going there) that appears to be an actual human being's home studio. All the gear is in useful positions, and the center speaker leads me to believe that whoever set this up is using it to score sound for video or something. Interesting stuff, and I wanted to find out who posted this image. You know, to visit their website, listen to some samples, learn something? (it might even qualify as one of those genius' work spaces I was posting about earlier this month)

search results2

Sadly, the direct link from the image takes me to this fake user site. Jennifer Home Blog is a computer generated (probably) series of pages with some word salad and links to Ikea products of all kinds. Total crap.

Because I'm sure they stole that image from a real person I used Google's image search to look for the original posting. Smart!

image search

So that's the results returned from Google image search. Just how useful is it? Can I scan through the results and find the person who originally posted the image?

image search

Well, that's 25,270,000,000 results I'll be sifting through. The first couple of pages just returned a lot more Jennifers. Might take a while. Oh, wait, I'll just skip down a few pages and see what turns up.

image search2

It's all like this. It's all the same photo, from pages that contain a lot of key words and phrases, some of which are marginally related to my search, with gibberish in the page descriptions. The gibberish is the tell.

When artificial intelligence gets perfected it won't be to help cure disease or automate drudge work- it will be to mislead us into thinking there's real people generating these robo-pages.

I might start adding my web address to every original image I post here, so I have a prayer of being found.


Christmas music, from the Steam Powered Studio.

Bob Esbenshade- Christmastime

Craig Wise- Northern Lights

Dr. Mo- My Christmas Tree is Hung with Tears

Jeff Coleman- Crunchy Crunchy Christmastime

Robert Bobby- Four Inches and Dreaming

Robert Bobby- River

The Stokers- Surfin' Santa


Doing a little work...

eiffel work

...replacing a headlamp...

eiffel working2

...on the car.

eiffel work03


Here's eiffel, that floor wax I was talking about last month. Here it's set low and angled forward, for general illumination.

eiffel low

Set higher and aimed down it's a reading lamp.

eiffel medium

Its lighting pattern is even and narrow.

eiffel medium

At full height it's a great accent or area light.

the boom version 2- a sleek and slender boom.

overhead v2

The inventor isn't getting any sleeker, so let's put him behind something- say, a drumset.

overhead v2

Here the boom is about half-way up the base. Drilled holes are in place, and this version is much lighter than the last. I think it's ready to commit to metal.

overhead boomed

the base, with extension extended and "boomed". It reaches out over 6', and up to the ceiling, about 9'. Studies continue, but it is certain to be doubling as a lamp.


the base performs its drum overhead function with this prototype boom.

mic stand

Then it quickly converts to a vocal mic stand.


We made a pilgrimage to Red Lion yesterday.

jeff hostetter

That's Jeff Hostetter with the lead Rambler, examining his workhorse. We walked in with about 2 guitars each and asked if he was taking any business. Fortunately for us, he was.

The man has a raft of tools, both mundane and arcane. Here's a small selection...

repair tools

Here's another way of looking at his shop.


Add it to my small collection of photos of genius' benches- here's Large Dave's workplace...

right bench