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Le voilà!


Trying to come up with a theme to tie the scattered and various events of the past month together, landed on a daubière, a thing that until now I didn't know existed.

The point of this French cooking pot is to turn skanky, tough bits of bull into tasty, buttery-soft deliciousness. It's all about chemistry, actually.

Cooking is chemistry. It's about systematically combining raw materials and applying heat. What most people don't understand is the science involved in the application of heat.

This pot is designed to cook meat for a long time, at low heat, without drying it out. The odd-looking lid is made to hold water. This keeps it cool, causing the steam inside the pot to condense and recirculate to the bottom. Genius!

The ingredients, including the tough cuts of beef, root vegetables and spices, are tightly packed inside. The thing is made to cook in the embers of an open fire overnight, or even for a day or two.

So let's see... take something that nobody can digest and transform it into nourishment...

In our culture, why bother? We expect everything to be just the way we want it, and if it's not, we shop for something else. No one needs this bull!

B-b-but that's what I've got! I have a lot of odd bits of undigestible thoughts and ideas that will not sell in our marketplace! I've gotta find myself a daubière, and a recipe.

to begin... take some artworks...

If you were to scroll down to the first entry for July you'd see some pieces I've created on display at a local art exhibit. It's my first show, but I'm not unaware of how this stuff works. The judges pick was this work- Kwakiutl, by Joshua Riggan.


It's easy to see why it won. The piece is large, somewhat disturbing (those teeth!) yet somewhat comical. It makes an impression!


In a show with some pretty good art in it, Kwakiutl nailed the overall theme, which, considering that the show was sponsored by a group of rock-show companies, was about making an impression.

My piece, nox, which I had hopes for, is subtle.


Still, I'm happy to have nox in a place where people can experience it. I watched as some were drawn to it, and peered into the top, and even noticed the smell of it. I figure that maybe 1 in 100 will take away something from that encounter- just exactly what, I don't know. But that's the nature of art, innit?

...add saxophone...

saxy Mike

Willy Marble brought Mike Sebergandio in to lay down saxophone on his recording project. This is likely the last piece in this puzzle, now it's up to me to mix the ingredients and make it happen. It's a fun place to be!

...and flowers.


We attended a beautiful wedding in a beautiful setting. The wedding party walked "down the aisle", an expanse of lawn about 100' wide. Amazingly enough these kids made it in one piece, but not without detours.

bake in the sun...


Congratulations dads and grads! There's nothing like a family gathering in a backyard for a cookout.


The neighborhood was a little surreal.

...then stir in the trinkets.


continue baking...


...adding water as required...


...while keeping a close eye on the time.


apply rhythm and rhyme...

While on vacation I spotted a man crossing the street in Buxton, in a shirt and tie, carrying a push broom over his shoulder. I came up with the hook right away- I'm the man with a broom in a town full of sand- then, having forgotten it, and re-remembered it at least twice, woke at 2:30 in the morning from a sound sleep and wrote out most of the lyrics.

It's been through some changes since then, going from 3/4 to 4/4 and from Prine-ish to rock-ish, and while it's not finished yet, I'm glad to have written it- first song in a long time for me. Have a listen here.

I'm really happy with the one-mic drum kit sound and tamborine!

..until souped up.



I was given a model kit when I was a kid. The thing was above my skill level but I had a ball trying to build it. It ended up as a sort of blob of melted styrene. Now that I'm older and fabulously wealthy, I've treated myself to a "new old stock" version of that model kit, as well as a re-issue from a few years back that I will try to assemble... without melting.


rinse with fresh rainwater for about a week...


...serve, and enjoy!

A Summer Place

I love this one when it's hot.

Theme From A Summer Place

I just watched the movie all the way through for the first time, and it's hilarious. But the music is pretty good. Here's the movie soundtrack by the original orchestra.

A Summer Place Soundtrack

The famous theme starts about 4 minutes in, and it is a lot lighter on strings- Max uses either soprano saxes or clarinets to play the melody up to the bridge. I like it better, the stereo field is deeper, but listen how the tempo suddenly picks up near the end. I believe they recorded these things to the movie back then, and Max probably noticed he wasn't going to hit a cue. I can just see him frantically waving his arms!

So the first version was like, #1 on the charts for 9 weeks. If you were alive then, you heard it! When I wrote a song about that era I quoted the melody in my bridge, along with a bunch of other melodies from the radio back then.

Everyone Called Him Jack

At the time I was trying to make sense of our country's worship of John Kennedy. Not judging, mind you, just trying to understand it. I wrote it sometime after Reagan had aroused similar feelings from a different group of people.



Fly little birds! Fly!

I miss these guys around here (from the left it's apogee, nox, and calidreamin' (in a supporting role). The actual show doesn't open for a week or two, and I am not allowed to say where it is until it does. It's a nice setup in a hip location and will be seen by hundreds of people.

Looking forward to nox getting plugged in and having the light hitting the edges, and that scent of tea in the air...

See the sidebar j. banner design for more pics of these and other items from my studio.