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I'm ready for my video, Mr. DeMille...

spots before your eyes

Track lights, with LED bulbs meant for curio cabinets. It's a good look, half way between the comfy living room ambience that usually prevails in here and the full-on body shop illumination of 15 banks of fluorescent tubes!

farm hands

Had fun on a farm last Saturday. With The Sporting Hill Ramblers. (the silo on the right made a great reverb tank!)

Busted up the chifforobe (part 2)

tv corner

The new chifforobe will have lights! Pretty easy to do, because the wall outlet is now inside the thing.

A Pressing Issue.

what's this?

Invited to show some photos at a local place. I have no idea how this works, and when the print of dollhouse 130 came back from the place where you have prints of photos made, it wasn't all I'd hoped for. Because basically, I'm an idiot.

It was tiny! I mean, this is not a picture of a flower or something. It's a montage of 130 individual photos. Photos of a house. Photos that rely on the subtle changes in that house that occur over the course of years. Details that are hard to see.

So when I ordered a large print (over a hundred bucks worth!) I expected to be overwhelmed by the thing. Instead, it's just a lot of tiny little pictures that are hard to see.

dollhouse 130

I really need this to be 12' wide by 10' high. Not 36" by 24". Such is frikkin' art, I guess.

Anyway, the "smallish" print looked even more pathetic without a frame. I thought that the photo could stand alone as a "floating" image, but I was wrong. Che Guevara works that way, but not 130 separate images of one house. So I made a nice frame today.

It's amazing how much gravitas a frame adds to a piece of art. Not only that, it helps it lay flat. Laying flat is very important. If what you are doing is just hanging on a wall.

So here it is. I'm using my Yamaha 4-10 amp to press down on the print while gluing it into an aluminum frame which will hold it flat and add that exciting touch of money to the thing. And isn't that just art, folks?

carry that weight


Busted up the chifforobe.

tv corner

If you've ever been here, you know about the TV corner. As far back as the basement on Maple Ave there has been a television tucked into a corner of the studio somewhere. I find that it improves the work flow. It offers the visual brain a distraction, allowing music to come out.

The last equipment cabinet under the television was sort of make-do. It really was a chifforobe, having shelves on one side and a tall space for hanging clothes on the other. It stuck out into the room, and the corner behind it was wasted except for being the lair of one large wolf spider. (I'm OK with wolf spiders- they reduce the centipede population. Centipedes creep me out.)

Be that as it may, the chifforobe had begun to collapse, as it was mostly made of pressed board and glue. I've decided to salvage the doors and build a corner cupboard behind them. This shows how big the thing will be- it sticks out 10" less- so it gives a much clearer space around it, while having roughly the same interior volume. It will have a television back on top of it soon.

Dave Malone demonstrates the correct use of the bib for recording singers who play the guitar (and guitar players who sing) who like to do both things at the same time.

poster boi

Here are the results of this session, vocals panned right, guitar panned left. No effects, compression, or eq.

Here's To Ya Rounders (mp3)

Here's To Ya Rounders (wav)

The point of this is to let you hear the kind of separation possible using this thing.

This is gonna make it a whole lot easier to record these folks... Dave's only complaint was that the headphones made his ears hot. I got some lightweight open-back Sonys for next time.

See last month's post for how the bib was developed.