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My mad, mad quest for guitar pedals continues...


I knew nothing about this one, but read online that it was the chorus pedal for many years. Those must have been the years when I was eliminating pedals from my rig- I was trying to get "pure" about my playing, I guess. Nothing phoney for me! (except for the distortion pedal, of course- gotta have that)

Boy I'm sure glad I got this! Everyone else in the world is probably bored to death with this guy, but it's been real inspiring to me. It's sort of like the first time I played through Tom's Marshall. I went "Oh- so that's how they got that sound!"

The second pedal of the week is similar, but at least I knew of its existance before. I just threw this one in at the last minute, I wasn't sure I really wanted another phaser.


How wrong can you be? As soon as I played through this it was as if that something I'd always been missing in life was given to me! Seriously, for a stupid, single knob effect, this thing is extremely musical. They got the amount of phasing just perfect for... whatever.

And the odd thing is, these two things actually work together pretty well. I have been playing through them for hours.


pa system

The Shure VocalMaster. I can still remember Kimberlake (what a great band name!) trying to use one of these in the Centerville Middle School gym for a dance sometime in the early 1970's. The futility of that experience made an impression... 20+ years in the touring sound business and I learned that there is no way to provide good sound at the proper volume in a room like that, so now I don't feel so bad about it.



This thing is really fragile. It's been sitting on a monitor speaker in my studio going back to Maple Ave, at least 15 years ago. It's about 8" high and it's made of paper.


I've just completed the case. There's a wire saddle that holds the object to keep the points from getting any more squashed than they already are. Tedd warned me that cats would chew on them, but I've been lucky.


Tedd is Tedd Bushnell, who made this artifact. I have not been able to determine the precise name for this shape, but at the time Tedd was into studying and building various polytopes. How he constructed this one I can't imagine.

True master.