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Finally have paint on the first sto.it. Call it brick.


Now to clean up some of the mess around here.


This moment...

Whew. May was a huge month at the moonbase, now things have slowed down a bit because good weather means moonscaping. So here's a couple of things of an online nature...

Göbekli Tepe
This is an archeological discovery in Turkey, a site with massive stone monoliths and evidence of ceremonial use that predates Stonehenge by about 7,000 years. That's so long ago that the people who built it hadn't yet learned to make pottery, which is one of the big indicators of what we call civilization.

The latest theory is that somebody provided big feasts for anyone who would come help work on the project, gatherings of from at least 500 to over 1,000 people. There was no "city" or even villages nearby- people would have had to make fairly long journeys to get here. This sort of activity went on for thousands of years.

building d

(You're looking down into one part of the excavation. When those ancients stopped using the site they completely buried it in rubble. Whatever their intentions were in doing this, it preserved it for us.)

There's evidence of beer-making too, which just goes to show ya. The ruins are more or less a complete mystery- there's no way to truly understand the meaning people attached to these monuments and stone carvings, or to know what sort of activities went on - but in a way, it's also perfectly clear. Party!!!

Well now those Germans who have been more or less running the show at Göbekli Tepe have noticed the intense interest shown in their work. They've begun an English-language blog about it. The Tepe Telegrams