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In the year nineteen ninety eight the term "hot take" hadn't been invented. But here's one I found!

BPG said:
"The way we become aware of music artists will change radically in the future. The whole notion of celebrity is going to be fundamentally transformed."

Let's look at this a little more closely. Celebrity as we know it is the product of marketing. Celebrity is the one and only package within which corporations deliver their (vaguely) human product. Celebrity as we know it grew up with and has been integrated seamlessly into mass media.
The web is different media. It resists being warped into a "broadcast" media. You may argue about its future. I want to explore its potential.
As artists, we needn't speak the language of the corporation. We needn't pursue the goals of the corporation. We need to look carefully at the alternatives to "celebrity", and if necessary, create them.


This was from a group which was discussing the infernal influences of mp3's and Napster on the music industry. It didn't look good, folks. (I was "Dad" btw)

21 years later, there are still celebrities, there is still pop music and mp3's, and I'm still looking for the alternative virtual reality. Did we fail to make this happen? Were/are there alternatives available? I have discovered many non-celebrity artists that I love, mostly by chance. But it seems there aren't enough of us fans to support them.

I had another hot take back then, something about recorded music being so cheap that it couldn't be relied on to support the non-celebrity musician. Making the music more expensive wasn't an option, so the support had to be something more direct. The success of certain podcasts, supported by subscription, is one way. Unfortunately, producing one or two quality songs every week is a much bigger hill to climb.


I'm feeling good about luna.


luna is the first concept I've completed for jbanner design in a while, and it's lighting, which I needed. The ceiling lights in the moonbase are bog-standard 4-tube fluorescents with cheezy-looking plastic diffusers, and while they are nice and bright when needed, they are harsh when lit and ugly when not.

luna side by side

Here they are side by each. Now look at the shadows they cast...


On the left- the shadow from the standard fixture. On the right- the dreamy-soft, almost shadowless light from luna.


My collection of images from the year 1933 has grown a lot lately. For a long time I'd been using the search terms "country 1933", and this worked okay, but Google has changed thier algorithm or something, and I see a lot of the same images in groups. I'm sure they're just trying to be helpful?

So it's a little more work now- I have to be more specific, so I've been looking for other terms plus the date- say, for example, policy books.


the Policy was what would later be called the Numbers, and most of us only know about them from movies or TV, but in the height of the depression these lotteries were huge. Dream Books were an ancillary con. If you'd dream of a particular word or phrase or image, you could look it up in your dream book and play it.


If you didn't hit your number, you might consider selling the books...

dreambook sales