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Found art.

ceramic collection

This collection of objects "cooked" in the unique ceramic container next to two or three different kitchen sinks for more than 30 years. Not shown are the Brillo™ pads and water and dish soap and cooking fats that were added to the mix daily. I decided to examine the results today.

It's a corroded mess. The Blame buttons have been completely wiped out, but for some reason the Rock Against Radiation button looks nearly as pristine as the day I bought it. WTF???

Grampa Fischer designed this chair back in the 1930's. I made a reproduction based on numerous photos-

original chair

-taken at what we called the summer camp in Pembroke, Ontario. While making the chair I often wondered why Grampa made the arms so wide- they're like paddles! I guessed that it was for having a place for kids to sit.

fischer chair with kids

Today was a beautiful sunny day, I had a bunch of thank you cards to write, and I thought it would be great to sit outside to write them. (now, some of you may know that people back in the previous century communicated over long distances by writing letters to each other)

fischer chair

It turns out the arms on the chair are just right for writing.

Not only that, but there's this little pocket between the arm of the chair and the seat that is perfect for storing your correspondence.

fischer chair

A chair for writing letters. Who woulda guessed?

Caught this little dude struttin' through my yard the other day.


Not even gonna mess with that- too many appendages...


Maybe shouldn't be listening to Tristan und Isolde while drinking and surfing, but this image came up and I find it appropriate.

Unlike the Norse legends of powerful (and strangely twisted) warriors, this depicts a powerful (tall, sword-bearing) muse guiding the hand of the (hobbit-like) musician. In my experience, this is how it's done, folks!

(at the risk of overstating the obvious, the musician is mere flesh and blood, his naked foot in contact with the earth. [the muse, as you can see, has wings]. He is animated dust, nothing more, and will soon return to nothing. The moment of inspiration is what matters, and in fact it transcends and lies beyond his power as a mortal being. Yet the transmission of her message requires his existence. What a strange pair!)


This was the scene, up close and personal, at the annual Mo and Kathy Labor Day Bash.

There was good times and trick photography...


...and tricked photography...


...but the best part was the jams.