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Through the power of images, we offer you this virtual tour of our studio...


the Southern wall
Engine Room Left

Some of the stuff in here:

Strat, Les Paul, Hagstrom, Epiphone acoustic, Taki 12 string, Ibanez bass, a fiddle, Kay upright bass, Kurzweil 88, Yamaha DX-100, Yamaha electric grand, Farfisa Compact Organ, Wurlitzer electric piano, MelodiSonic electronic organ, many accordions, Mesa Studio.22, Gibson Explorer amp, Laney Linebacker 30, Guiletti accordion amp...

...Yamaha SPX-90, MasterMix spring reverb, Roland SRV 330 Reverb, Altec 1567A Mixer/Amplifier, Yamaha AW4416 16 track digital recorder, Tascam Porta-II, Mac Plus running MasterTracks Pro V1.1, Alesis DM-Pro sampler, custom drum pads, Minimus 7, Yamaha NS-10 and JBL L46 monitors, Shure Beta 58, Sony C-37A, AKG C-2000B, EV R-200, AKG -12E, Crown PZM 6, Audio-Technica and Astatic mics, various borrowed recording gear.

make it so
Engine Room Right


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