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fischer chair
fischer chair v1.1, Ⓒ 2015, j.banner

Grandfather Fischer was an architect and maker. His lawn chair, bench, and directors chairs graced the family summer camp in Ontario for many years.

fischer chair

Working from old photos I've created a reproduction of his sturdy 1940's era design.
polybotes chair
polybotes dining chair v1.0, Ⓒ 2016, j.banner
baltic birch ply and kydex

polybotes was designed to carry forward themes originating with the cali dreamin' and apogee tables. It's light and comfortable.
gi_hoveg couch
gi-hovig couch v2.2, Ⓒ 2016, j.banner

While its name comes from the Lovecraft pantheon of gods and monsters (Gi-Hovig being described as a cosmic-entity manifesting as a gigantic, spongy, and fleshy mass) it's really much friendlier than that.

Here it sits in a group with a blonde cali dreamin', a pair of laminate-topped apogee end tables, and a floor lamp, atlas.

Gi_Hoveg couch group