somewhere out west
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The original splash screen. Except for the font. I've lost the font and most of the high-res panels over the years.

amazingly life like original splash

episode 2a: Existential angst. This was the original 2nd episode...

amazingly life like#2a

It's the same graphics with different captions. I can't draw. I was creating 3-D models, then adjusting the positioning, view angle and size to create mood.

The original episode 3: Playing with view angles and positioning to indicate action.

amazingly life like#3a

episode 3b: Exploring the Expedition.

amazingly life like#3b

Experimenting with graphics backgrounds. Not so good. And what's up with the black frames?

The original episode 4: Working for chickenfeed.

amazingly life like#4a

Incorporating graphics backgrounds, somewhat more sucessfully.

Amazingly Life-Like page 1 Amazingly Life-Like page 3