Centerville 17601

is a place but not a town. It has its own freeway exit, and there are schools, a road, and even a cemetery named after it. Everybody around here knows where it is- but don't expect to find it in Google maps.

This website is dedicated to Centerville,
the place that's not a town.

You'll be amazed what's here.

A highway runs through it.

US route 30

It's the third longest numbered US highway, running from coast to coast.
Chestnut Ridge
rises 150' above Brubaker Run to the south.
Chestnut Ridge
At night from the ridge it's like looking down from the hills above LA.
There is one traffic cam at the Centerville Road exit of Route 30.
Sometimes it faces east.
traffic cam

The streaming option is great to see how traffic is moving during snowstorms.

The interchange between route 30 and Centerville Road is unusual.
They call it a folded diamond/parclo

Parclo is shorthand for "partial cloverleaf".

What's Happening in Centerville?

Luck o' the Irish!
I've updated some entries, having been given new information by local residents I've met via a webservice called Nextdoor.

A report on some big changes on the way!
At WGAL online.

Big shout out to the newest venture in Centerville-
the Bala Float Center!

Another spring dawns. Deer are racing through our yards. Harleys are thundering down our highways. Late at night, windows open (at last!), the horn of a distant locomotive sounds like a ghost...

The Christmas play at the middle school has been cancelled. I have no idea why.

Repaving has been completed on Centerville Road from the Harrisburg Pike to Gloucester Street near the Middle School.

The only question is- why stop there? The quarter mile from there to Route 23 has always been the worst section. Ah, the mysteries of local government!

There's a new sign on Estelle Drive. It's hard to picture computer chip maker Broadcom opening an office here- further investigation is required.

There's now a place to discuss all things Centerville. So what do you think about the idea of widening the bridge over Route 30? Will a partial fix be worth a year of snarled traffic? How about 2 years?
Anything you'd like to say, any pictures you'd like to share, visit Centerville17601 on Reddit.

July 4 holiday coming up. The only fireworks in Centerville will be the kind people make themselves, but that will keep the cops busy. You can hear the fireworks from Lancaster and Mountville if you're on the ridge.

Phase 1 of Centerville17601 is nearly complete!

There are over 200 separate listings, and a dozen or more information blocks.

Enjoy your visit.

fathers day

Happy Fathers day!

A good day for yard work.

Sunny and warm. The expected storms did not materialize.

Lots more added to the list of attractions over the weekend. Be sure to check out Foto Fun #1!
There's a holiday weekend coming. There's nothing special going on in Centerville, so get out and have fun.
Centerville17601 is now mobile-friendly! At least according to Google, and that's good enough for me.
Beautiful, sunny weather today, a bit cool for May. Rhodies and azalias are in bloom, but the dogwoods have dropped their petals.

It ain't all possums in Centerville. Some of the wildlife is beautiful.


chicken barbeque

Happening this weekend at the HBIC.

Two Centervilles

arial photograph of Centerville

The northern half is residential and farmland while the southern half is industrial and retail.
McDonalds sign

There's a McDonalds in Centerville. If you're eastbound on 30, the Centerville exit takes you right there.
Heritage Hotel

One place where it's possible to catch a view of the valley would be from a room at the Heritage Hotel
If you pass through on Route 30 at night, you'll notice this.
Air Products
It's the Air Products plant, lit up like some kind of space port.
Purina feed elevator
A prominant sight in the industrial zone is the Purina feed elevator.

Their checkerboard reigns o'r the skyline.
rail train

Running near Route 30 is the Columbia Secondary, a branch of the Norfolk Southern.
There are many grade crossings, and high tension lines overhead.
Donnerville Road is roughly the western boundry of the Centerville area.

Donnerville Road overpass
Beyond this you're in Mountville.
BJ's entrance

This is the entrance up to BJ's Wholesale Club #19. It's nearer to Columbia Ave than to Route 30.
and also...

Where's the Center?

There really is no center to Centerville. No post office, no train station, no Main Street with sidewalks.

Early maps locate Centerville just to the north of the intersection of Centerville Road and the Marietta Pike. There is an old brick place (which may have been a schoolhouse), a church and a cemetery there, so it could be the historic location of "town".

In our times, however, Centerville is wherever you want it to be along a two or three mile stretch of highway.

To the east of Centerville stands the Hempfield Bretheren in Christ church.

Hempfield Bretheren in Christ Church

They host a TON of soccer programs.
Centerville is roughly at the center of the tri-county area. Click the map below to see the growing list of local bands.

local bands

Then click through to visit their websites...
Bala Float Center

Relax with a nice float!

(suit is optional...)
The Hempfield School District has had a long presence in Centerville with their Middle School.

Centerville Middle School

Just the Facts:

Centerville (GNIS FID: 1171469) is a populated place located within the Township of East Hempfield, a minor civil division (MCD) of Lancaster County.

The elevation of Centerville is 525 feet. Centerville appears on the Columbia East U.S. Geological Survey Map.
At the southern boundry of the Centerville area, route 462 was once part of the Lincoln Highway

state route 462
A multitude of small motor courts along the route attest to this history.
art gallery
Before the CVS moved in, the corner of Centerville Road and Marietta Ave looked like this.

At one time this was an art gallery.
weather station

What's the weather like in Centerville? There are several local reporting stations- this one's on the ridge.

If you need groceries there are several options.

Giant foods

Giant #6029 is fully stocked. New hours!

Not closed! The Right Angle simply downsized.

The Right Angle framery

Still hanging around in our house.
There is no reason to suffer from tooth ache in Centerville!

Healthy Smiles Dental

There are many dental care services here.

Wiley's Pharmacy

Wiley's Pharmacy is at Centerville Point, a mini-mall across from the middle school.

A stones throw from route 30 you'll find a Rodeway Inn.

Rodeway Inn and Suites

As little as $55/night.
Then there is this...

flo and eddie

I don't actually know if it's a real nice place to raise your kids up or not.
Iglesia Pentacostal church

This small church, recently remodeled, had lately been home to a Pentecostal congregation.

Steeplechase, a development at the intersection of Centerville and Nolt roads.
Steeplechase South

Seems like the northern boundry.
CVS drug store

This went up in 2013. It saves the ten minute drive to the next nearest one.

Just the Facts:

According to the U.S. Board on Geographic Names there are 10 populated places named Centerville in Pennsylvania alone!!!


I doubt that any are as interesting as Centerville 17601.

My niece laughs when I say "the" Marietta Pike, but that's what route 23 is called on this side of town.

PA route 23

Valley View Farm lies just north of 23.

Valley View Farm

They have midget goats and pygmy ponies.
Nobody knows why, but there's a purple barn here on the Marietta Pike.

purple barn

It's always been purple.

Hempfield United Methodist Church

A large church on the western edge of the Centerville area is Hempfield UMC.

Sometimes in the wee hours of morning...

Wheatland Federal credit union

...rollbacks drop off repos at Wheatland Federal.

Citizens Bank

This bank captures the essence of tree-lined suburbia.
Take a stroll through the drive thru.
It's kind of spooky.

Centerville Cemetery

Drop in
some time.

A remarkable place.

Art Research Industries

Art Research produces fine art castings here in Centerville.

Pretty things.

Paul Jacobs photography

Paul Jacobs has a photo studio on the Marietta Pike.
For a long time it was Charles Studio.
There are no parks in Centerville. The only playgrounds are private or at schools.

no parks

It's not a friendly place for walkers.


The only sidewalks are around the CVS, along Noll road, and at Santander Bank.

Weibel Orthodontics could pass for just another home along route 23.

Weibel Orthodontics

Well, a home with a parking lot in the front yard, anyway.
Dimension i

Productivity is up, up up!

Business software programming.

With so many dental services here...

True Form Designs

...of course there's a dental office designer!
Girls apparel from Kahn Lucas.

Kahn Lucas

I don't think they sell to the public at this location.
mortgage broker

If you want to buy a house in the Centerville you'll find people here to help you with a mortgage.

Just the Facts:

In the early morning of September 30th, 2015, an EF-1 tornado ripped through parts of Centerville.


No deaths or injuries were reported.
Tornadoes are uncommon here.

The Tipsy Boar

the Tipsy Boar

Wings, beer... truffles?
State Farm insurance

Now that you've found a home, you're gonna need insurance.

Barry Adams can help.
If it's a mortgage you're looking for...

Fairway mortgage

...Centerville is one place to go for it.
Looking for a family dentist?

Centerville Family Dental

There's a couple here to choose from.
G.J. Palmieri D.D.S.

The "aye's" have it in this building on Estelle Drive.
G.J. Palmieri D.D.S. is a dental surgeon.

David Cioffi provides footcare.

David Cioffi D.P.M  Podiatrist

He is the second doctor listed here whose name ends in an "i".
The "third i" here is Dombrowski.

Appropriately enough, he is an eye doctor.


In the world of finance, who advises the advisors?


TeraVerde, apparently.

Oculoplastics is a service provided by Dr. Stuart H. Goldberg

Goldberg oculoplastics

It involves surgical procedures related to the eyes and face.
medical cosmetics

Medical Cosmetics.

They are here to help you look your best.
Maps? Directions? Who needs 'em anymore?

AAA Central Penn

But... driving lessons!
A great little place on 23.

the Pantry

Breakfast til 2:00 PM at The Pantry.

For those times in life when you need to be...

tuxedo sales and rental

...puttin' on the Ritz.
billiard services

Billiards Plus

New and used billiard tables, supplies, and service.
"Turkey Hill Dairy, On the Susquehanna"

turkey hill dairy corporate campus

They have a corporate campus here on Centerville road.
Just the Facts:

The railroad line that runs through the valley was once known as the Philadelphia and Columbia Railroad.

old train schedule

This schedule is from 1837, making it one of the earliest in America.

The stop in Hempfield may refer to a location in Centerville. There are stories of passengers disembarking for lunch at a farm with an enormous plane tree, and fine well water.

Tucked away on Estelle Drive

attorney Alaine V. Grbach, Esq.

you will find the law office of Alaine V. Grbach, Esq..

medical records

RHEMA Medical and Wellness, LLC. has a great view from the upper deck.
Union Community Bank
It sits just north of the tracks.
It's a blast when a train approaches the crossing here!
Not just your ordinary jiu-jitsu. It's Brazilian jiu-jitsu!


Lincare Medical has supplies for respiratory therapy.


They're on Hempland road (but they
didn't inhale)

BA Athletics has a large facility in the valley.


They host the local Strongman contest here.
Prosource of Lancaster

a tiger awaits

Floor coverings, wholesale.
advertising promos

Does your business need swag?

Swag is their business.
If you've got the assets,

investment advisors

Strategic Endeavors has the time.
move yourself
You pack your own trailer or pod, then they pick it up and deliver it to the next place.
Then, of course, U-Unpack.
Material handling and lots of other things.

well equipped

snack foo

The snack
is back.

Everything marketing from soup to nuts.

Interface Performance Materials Inc.

layer it

Special products tailored to special requirements.
The Standard Group.

printed matter

If it can be printed, they will print it.


Surprisingly quiet around here.
Gerbert Limited


Commercial flooring.

Site One

landscaping supplies

Landscaping supplies for contractors.
Pacific Pride


Fuel for fleets.
The UPS store.
Packing materials, print, copy and FAX services, P.O. boxes- It's like the post office without the zip!
Foto Fun #1

Can you spot two things...

industrial park

...missing in this picture?

Holy Spirit Lutheran Church


They don't believe in the www?

Thos. Somerville

plumbing supplies

Plumbing fixtures and supplies- and showroom.
Roberts Oxygen


Gasses and cryo.
York Technical Institute


With the training you get here, you could land a job in Centerville.
One of Centerville's longest-running attractions.

for pets

That Fish (now, Pet) Place
Moove In

self storage

Self-storage with a Holstein theme.
Schwan Foods

frozen food

Frozen treats.
Dressel Welding Supply


Medical gasses and welding supplies.
Printed material


for businesses and organizations.

mattress warehouse

A huge mattress warehouse.
Tell 'em L'il Abner sent you.
MPC Industries

machine shop

Precision machining.
the Lancaster Area Sewer Authority


L.A.S.A, come home!
American Heritage Property Management

property managers

Managing in excess of 3,000 residential units.
Fast Signs

signage showroom

More than fast. More than signs.
Kinda makes you wonder, doesn't it?
EZ Solution

EZ Solutions

IT and marketing services.
More than meets the eye.

credit union

Team First Federal Credit Union

Locally grown.

Centerville Point

Centerville Point is a unique bi-level strip mall across from Centerville Middle School.

Centerville Point

Nestled between the levels is one of the old style Turkey Hill Minit Markets with a newer gas island.

The Nissley Road shops are on the lower level, and there are professional offices on the upper level, along Centerville Road.
The two are connected by a tall stairway.

Just to the northwest of the mall proper are buildings currently housing the Oasis Christian Fellowship.
Classical Numismatic Group

classical investment

Dealers in coins that Nero may have fondled.
big valves

Heavy industry in the valley.

ITT Engineered Valves

Paccar Parts Division

Paccar Parts

Big Wigs
Big Rigs

Fessenden Hall
Wood products.

wood products

Interesting name- Mr. Hall preferred it to Bill.


Makers of electronics for avionics.
Santander Bank

a bank

Located just off Columbia Ave in the Western Corners strip.

Ohh La La Boutique

consignment shop

Classy consignments on the southern shores of Centerville.
the hat


One of several fast food chains in the valley.
Berkeys Jewelry Box Inc


My precious.
Cherryhill Villas
apartment complex

118 units ranging from studios to tri-level townhouses.

Plus a large yard for kids.
Oasis Christian Fellowship


Church functions.

Atwater Malick

Financial advice for individuals.


One of the longest running retailers in Centerville.
Deli Dining


This was the first of many suburban branches.

Located in the Centerville Point complex.
Modern Nails

nail salon

They're somewhere in
Sycamore Court...

Answer to Foto Fun #1

industrial park

The sign is missing a part of the frame on the left side
and the first "I" in "Industrial"

The two people walking in the background are not missing.
They have been found and returned.
chain deli

You know what you're getting, unless someone is having a conference and orders lunch for 150 people.
Grand Central Bagel


Not just for breakfast.
dry cleaning

With Fillings, one of the big names in dry cleaning around here.

Then they merged.


State stores get fancy.

state store

They now deliver.
burgers and fries

You can order online.
Cards, gifts, notions.


Especially notions.
Bonnie and Clyde shopped here.


Frank Tunis


Commercial photography, websites.

gas and food

Right across Centerville Road from their arch rivals.

gas and snacks

Right across Centerville Road from their arch rivals.
The Southernmost bank...

bank sign the Centerville area.
Giant to Go
gas and snacks

Here's where you redeem the points earned by shopping at their grocery store.



Tile sales and installation.
Family Behavioral Resources

psychological services

Providing in-home aid.

staffing agent

Chartwell Staffing Solutions
Nursing, tech, finance, HR and business.
Sycamore Court

Sycamore Court went up between 1986 and 1988.

Sycamore Court

Located just to the South of the rail crossing on Centerville Road, there is a light at Old Tree Drive that actually allows a right on red- one of the few to do so along this stretch of highway.

Quality Digital Office Solutions

Copiers sales and service.



Newer than new.
Chesterbrook Academy

private school

Private preschool.

Cafe East

asian cuisine

Asian cuisine and sushi bar.
Mysterious Centerville

the base

On a hillside just to the west of Centerville Square lies what appears to be the base of an abandoned pyramid.

The spiral pattern in the middle is sort of Celtic though, so it's probably not of Egyptian origin.

Then there are the four "ventilation shafts", which seem to indicate a vast underground complex.

The road it's on is marked "DEAD END".


Kids stuff.

ice cream

Cake and ice cream.

Have a party.

David B. Shelley D.M.D.

dental care

Family dentist.


Heather House

Send flowers.
Keystone In-home

home care

The most intriguing logo, at the point.


One long cooler!

Have a party.

The little sweet shop...


...on the corner.



Get some spice in your life.
Centerville Nails


On the strip in the square.


Rabbit food- and lots more.

Centerville Cleaners


Aptly named.


sw style

Get some salsa in your life.

grounds keeping

Wholesale groundskeeping supplies.
It's a glass, man.


Replacement auto glass suppliers.



Bathroom remodeling.

Salon Enso


Hipper hair.
Historic Centerville
the old tree

This plane tree (aka sycamore) is one of the largest in Pennsylvania. A good third of it- on the left in the picture- is missing, due to a lightning strike last century.

Over 300 years old, it lends its name to streets, courts
and malls in Centerville.

feed mill

One of three large feedmills along Hempland Road.

Hubbard Feeds


One of three large feedmills along Hempland Road.

security systems

Vector Security

Home security headquarters.

Red Rose Arena


Hockey and soccer year round, since 1993.

building materials

Ironstone Building Materials.

Open to the public.
Snyder Appraisal Associates


Farm and rural property appraisers.

Snavely's Architectural Millwork and Drywall

building supply

Materials distribution center.
gsm Industrial


Metal fabrication and installation.

building materials

Metal wall and roof panels
Transply Inc.

machinery supply

Motors, bearings and drives.

Prestige Gymnastics


Gymnastics training, competition- and birthday parties.
CPT Consolidation and Distribution


Central Penn Transportation.
Just the Facts:

Neighborhood Scout compiles demographics.


They call this large residential area Centerville/Chestnut Ridge.

The geological feature that here is called Chestnut Ridge extends east into the Rohrerstown area, and west to the Susquehanna river. It's still wooded enough that deer are comfortable roaming along it. Sadly, they often attempt to cross route 30 near the Running Pump Road overpass. They should use the bridge!


Steinmetz Coins and Currency
Numismatic expertise since 1974.

gas and snacks

Fuel up north of 30.


Family dentistry from a family of dentists.
Huttig Building Products
building products
and light commercial.
Anderson Material Handling

dock equipment

Dock equipment.
My Power Clock LLC
novelty clocks

A part of AKA Worldwide.

Cardtique Ltd


Suppliers of cards and notions.
Gerhart Coffee


An area institution.
Marchwoods Pet Resort
animal care
Pet grooming and boarding.
North of 23.

Dart Container

A company warehouse.

AKA Worldwide LLC


The best name!
Healthy Lifestyle Properties LLC


Another venture.
Hating It:

Visitors can get caught in the light cycles on their way to one of the many attractions in Centerville and become hateful and embittered by the experience.

This is mostly caused by traffic entering the area from westbound route 30, and more specifically, traffic turning left from that ramp. It's a long ramp, and it's not uncommon to see traffic lined up all the way along the exit.

The state has a project. "Centerville Road Bridge on SR 4057 (Centerville Road T-408) over US 30 involves widening the bridge to 5 lanes". This project is currently in the study phase.

It is to be hoped that those studying this issue realise that unless a full cloverleaf interchange can be constructed, traffic will continue to be routed southbound on Centerville Road from 30 W inefficiently, and that the problem isn't caused by a lack of lanes on the bridge, but by traffic turning left at the light.

It is also hoped that the study recommends sidewalks-
and bike lanes?

Vitamins, supplements.
Centerville Elementary

primary school

Nearly 500 students in attendance.
Don't be tardy!
Phillips Paint and Decorating Center

decorative arts

Located in the Woods Edge plaza.

drinking and dining

Drinks and dining south of 462.
OneMain Financial


Loans, south of 462.
dinner theatre

Representing the theater arts.


In the square.
Lancaster Velo
Speaking of bike lanes, these guys would love 'em.

They love their pizza in Centerville.
Zips Dry Cleaners


They love their dry cleaners in Centerville.
Edward Jones


Investment advice.

Bulbs too.
Historic Centerville:

from "An Authentic History of Lancaster County: In the State of Pennsylvania" By Jacob Isidor Mombert old woman named Mary Ditcher, [who] used to go through the country making what was then known as improvements- a few sticks piled together, a fire kindled, and a pot hung over it, constituted a first right... This old Mary Ditcher seems to have been a rather singular personage. She is described as wandering through the woods, leading an old horse, her only property, with her knitting in her hand, and clad in a garment chiefly of sheepskin. This was called Hempfield Township, from the great quantity of hemp raised there.


Now, if they had said Symposium...
drinking and dining

A nice view from the treehouse.
Hershey Paper


Boxes and containers and more.

off roading

Two wheels offroad.
Access Centerville:

Not everyone drives to Centerville. There is a regular bus service- Red Rose Transit route 17- but it's a little strange.

the journey out

Westbound, the bus leaves 462 and enters Centerville via Running Pump Road and Old Tree Drive.

the journey in

Eastbound, the bus returns to 462 via Centerville Road without retracing its outbound route. If you don't know this, you might end up waiting for that bus home a long time.
Spicer Systems Assembly Division


Central tire inflation systems.
Wells Fargo Bank


Conveniently located near other banks.
Clark Filter


Filter manufacturer.
historic structure

Oyster Point is History

It's nearly Centerville.
Salon Centric


Salon products distributer.
Just Press Play


Gots game.

They really love pizza in Centerville.


Printers of scientific journals and such.
Central PA Bloodbank


Interiors Home


A really big furniture store.


Leisure Lanes

Since 1959
Planet RYO



Hair at Western Corners.




Facial and bodyworks.
Reliable Industries LLC


Recycling, reselling.
Over Our Heads:

There are times when it seems there is a continuous stream of aircraft heading west high above Centerville. Here's proof that it's not just an illusion.

the journey out

The dots indicate aircraft, in this case at 10:40 AM Eastern Time. The orange oval highlights one such stream of air traffic, mostly from JFK in New York, westbound above the area.

Click through for animation...
David Miller Associates

landscape architecture

Landscape architecture, civil engineering.
hair salon

Holiday Hair

Give your hair a vacay.

Sun Hing

chinese food

Chinese food.
phone service

Verizon Wireless

At Western Corners.
Nissin Foods


Feeding millions, one cup at a time.
plant food



One Hour

chinese food

Heating and Air Conditioning
hearing aids

pump it up
head hunters



On cold winter mornings, the smell of cherry twizzlers carries for miles.

Kegel's Produce

fruits and veggies

Another of the respected old area names.
Hodge Tool Co

hearing aids

High speed precision machining.
Sharing caring:

Karen Alderfer M.S.
Carol Gingerich LCSW
Daniel F. O'Neill Psy.D.
Beverly Fornoff M.AC.
Guinevere Crescenzi, M.AC.

psycho therapy
In the Manor West Commons complex
on 462

True Precision Plastics

injection molding

Injection molding.
marine parts

GG Schmitt and Sons

Accoutrements for boats.

Electron Energy Corp.


???Answers to magnetic mysteries???
Waste Management

trash hauling

Refuse removers
Access Centerville redux:

Centerville is so extensive from North to South that two bus routes run through it. Red Rose Transit Route 18 officially ends at an Amtrak station in Elizabethtown, but on the way there it passes through Centerville on route 23.

Red Rose Transit Route 18

If your destination is North of route 30, Route 18 probably involves the least walking.

Racquet Club West


Indoor and outdoor tennis.
Proficient Foods


Food distribution for big chains.

Miracles Consignment Shop


No telling what you'll find.
Tree of Life Health and Wellness Center

alternative health care

Balancing your actus et potentia.
sweepstakes cafe

"Sweepstakes cafe"
Skyline Rent to Own

furniture rental

Buying time.

B S Wholesales

alternative health care

Discount clothing.
Centerville Diner


Locals eat here.

Bird-In-Hand Woodworks


schoolroom furnishings
civil engineering

Civil engineering.

Frantz Financial Services

financial service


quality paper
Ultrahealth Chiropractic


chiropractic service

New, ultra modern banking.

T-A-H Construction


They'll build it.

financial services

Financial matters.
Candlewood Suites


the new Inn in town

Why be in the dark?
Compass Network Group

tech services

dental technical services

work shoes

Work boots.

Lacy Nails


In the Woods Edge plaza.
Ed Grzybicki





Head on in.

Texture Walls and Painting Co.
Painting & pressure washing.

Play Therapy

psycho therapy

Looks like fun!

Down on the farm.
Dr. Silverstein and Associates


The G.P's.

Aqua Solutions

water treatment

Water treatment.
Lancaster Chiropractic Clinic


He's got your back.
Labosh Publishing

Labosh Publishing

Help with autistic children.
Aflac insurance

Insurance agent Eva Alexander.
The Finished Line

cosmetic tatooing

Cosmetic tattoos.

All-Penn Lawn Sprinklers

sprinkler systems

For a beautiful lawn.
Iredescent Images Gallery


Original artwork.
Edgeworth Insurance Group
Retirement planning.
Performance Computing

computer service

Computer services.

Pushing Ink

Website design and more.


Audio recording, website design and such.