Joe Ellis
Joe Ellis
Joe was with the Gadjo Playboys when I first heard him play during a recording the group made live to stereo. His playing reminded me of Glenn Redcay, not because of the style but because of the feel. Like Glenn, Joe gets it and then pushes it farther.

I was happy to work with him on his solo CD. As it turned out, it took a long time to get the sounds just right. Joe's compositions are laden with musical references, and as we worked I had to learn what they were and try to provide sonic spaces to fit them.

The basic guitar parts were easily done- many of them played live with bassist Nick, some including drummer Nick. When it came to adding keyboards, Trixi Greiner provided them, using her own upright piano which we followed to different locations. Aaron Walker provided drums for some tracks. We recorded his work in the big live room at Mulberry Art Studio.

We recorded many players in many locations- living rooms, basements, halls... it took literally years to add the various overdubs. Through it all, Joe knew what he needed when he found it. It sometimes took some finding.

project notes
Joe's CD is titled To Not Have Been Misunderstood. It's a remarkable thing, and to this day I'm hearing things in the music that I hadn't heard before. The song titles by themselves are a lot of fun- League of Consumers, Uncertainty Looms Ahead, Two Micros Equal a Macro... Here's one of my favorite tracks from the project.

Slough It Off

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