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hearth light
hearth light v1.0, Ⓒ 2003, j.banner
wire and string

hearth lives up to its name. The warm glow
makes any space feel cozy.

hearth light and cali dreamin'

Here it's placed under the cali dreamin' table. Don't they make a nice pair?
wichita light
wichita light v1.0, Ⓒ 1998, j.banner
glass insulator, wire, brass

The Spirit of Electricity is something we now take for granted, but in the early 20th century it was revered.

wichita detail

Our servant, electricity...

atlas light design
atlas lamp concept

The original idea for atlas was inspired by the first stage of the moon rocket known as Saturn, which was powered by a cluster of enormous engines.
bulb cluster
lamp cluster v1.0, Ⓒ 2016, j.banner

I'm developing a lampholder to get ordinary bulbs into as tight a cluster as possible.

strip socket
lamp holder strip v1.0, Ⓒ 2016, j.banner

The cluster is based on this idea for a strip which will accept a bulb at any point along it.

cluster view
atlas lamp cluster v1.0, Ⓒ 2016, j.banner

A group of bulbs will be mounted on a spherical base and pole to make a floor lamp.