Linzi Brasie
When she was 5, Linzi's mom dressed her up real good and pushed her on stage to sing "Moon River" at a talent show. And she stills needs a push now and then... "As much as I love songwriting, it's taken me a while to get comfortable playing guitar for myself and being the main vocalist... I'd prefer being the backup. So far no one has thrown tomatoes, so I might be doing okay."

Singing cover songs at a million weddings, and cutting her teeth in the studio as a professional background vocalist for other musicians gave her the courage to write songs of her own. After her years in the Lancaster based band The Confessors came to an end, Linzi began focusing solely on songwriting.

working with Linzi
Working with Linzi is like the scene in Annie Hall when Woody goes to see Annie sing in a noisy night club, and the minute she starts all of her nervousness drops away and everyone stops and listens. When she gets in front of the mic she's focused like some laser thing.

project notes
Linzi came in with her notebooks and we did rough demos of five of her original songs- I mean I just ran a recorder while she went through them for me. The Last Girl was the strongest, so as the weeks went by Joe Kury and I tried various arrangements of bass, guitars and keyboards on the song. We would lay down parts and when they seemed solid, Linz would come sing on it. She said she wanted jangly guitars, but 12 string guitar wasn't cutting it. For a while I was hearing it more as a country or country rock thing, then it went through a rock phase. It was fun, but it just wasn't right for the song.

more project notes
Then one day I was listening back to some of the earliest tracks Joe had laid down- I didn't even remember recording them, and they hadn't been used on any of the demos so far. There it was- the jangle! Darn that Joe had it the whole time! I set to work double and triple tracking his electric guitar part. We added bass guitar and drums and we got it- the thing Linzi had been hearing in her imagination from the beginning...

at long last- the jangle!
So, only about a year later, we've got a fine version of Linzi's song. We hope you love it as much as we do!

The Last Girl.mp3
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