This is a list of solo artists and bands living and working in South Central PA.

21st Century Dreamtime Lions Facebook page reggae
3 Dollar Suit website alternative folk
621 AD Reverb Nation page rock, hard rock
7th Layer Reverb Nation page alternative, industrial, hip hop
91's website rock, psychedelic, stoner
A Scent Like Wolves Facebook page metalcore, alternative
A.D. Chandler website country, alt. country
AJ Grey website folk, singer/songwriter
Aaron Daniel Gaul Reverb Nation page jam, folk-oustic loop-a-delic
Acoustic Grit Facebook page acoustic based Rock and Blues
Acoustic Stew website blues, light rock
Adam Blessing Reverb Nation page solo pop, acoustic, folk rock
Adam Forry Reverb Nation page singer/songwriter
Adam Taylor band website indie rock
Al Parsons Band website rock, country rock
Alex Brubaker website acoustic guitar
Almost Grumpy Facebook page acoustic rock and blues
Alternative Education Reverb Nation page pop rock
Amanda Wells website folk
Amateur Theory Facebook page metal, indie, experimental
American Hollar website americana, country, rock
Amy Ash & The Volcanoes website pop
Amy Banks website jazz vocalist
AnacanA Myspace page rock
Andy Mowatt website guitar
Andy Roberts website keyboardist, composer
Angelo M website acoustic guitarist
Anthony Haubert Facebook page piano
Apollo's Sun Reverb Nation page hip hop
Applejack Facebook page country
Art Miron Youtube page acoustic folk, country
Art Wachter Myspace page blues, folk
Art’s Bongo Combo Facebook page jazz
August Burns Red website metalcore
August To October Reverb Nation page folk
Axe the 'Stache Facebook page ---
B-Tropical website world, reggae, african
Back In Motion Band Reverb Nation page R&B, soul, dance, rock
Badd Seed Facebook page rock
Barby Holder Wyndfall Records page folk, celtic, singer/songwriter
Badwrench Facebook page rockabilly, blues, swing, country
Bells YouTube video prog rock
Ben Mauger's Dixieland Jazz Band website dixieland jazz
Ben Rothermel website folk, singer/songwriter
Bennett Rabiega Reverb Nation page rock, Americana, country
Betsy Barnicle event listing americana, folk
Between The Lions Reverb Nation page metal, hardcore
BIE Reverb Nation page rock, indie
Big Red --- classic rock, blues
Bill Horn website pop keyboard artist
Bill Nork website jazz standards, singer/songwriter
Bjorn Jacobsen and the Wayfarer Experiment Reverb Nation page folk, darkfolk, newgrass
Black Cat website classic rock, funk, blues
Blackjack Facebook page rock, blues, heavy, smooth
Black Cowgirl Reverb Nation page rock, psychedelic
Blue Light Special website blues
Blythe Spirits Facebook page classical, celtic, harp trio
Bob Barry website composer, pianist
Bob Noble and the Blue Voodoo Band website blues rock trio
Bobbi Carmitchell website singer/songwriter
Bobby Rogers Band website acoustic
Bon Accord --- accordion jazz
Boxcar Social website americana rock, jam
Brandon Parsons website pop, faith
Bridge Street website rock, variety
Brethren Bandcamp page indie, folk, rock
Brom Bones Myspace page garage, indie, punk
Bryan Herber Myspace page acoustic, classic rock, R&B
Bryan Stevenson Reverb Nation page jam, blues rock, singer/songwriter
Bucky's Brother Facebook page americana, alt country, folk
Buddy King --- R&B
Bullet Method Reverb Nation page metal, rock, rap
Buzzchopper website surf
Carousel Kings Reverb Nation page pop, punk rock, rock
Casey Jane Reverb Nation page singer/songwriter
Castner-Powell webpage jazz rock
Catch A Fiyah Facebook page reggae
Ceól Néamh Pipe Band website pipe and drum
Chelsea Caroline Reverb Nation page pop, jazz, soul
Chris Gassaway Youtube video piano
Chris Laughery website acoustic, celtic, folk rock
Circle of Sanity Reverb Nation page rock, metal
Close To Consideration Reverb Nation page rock, pop-punk
Clyde Spangler website singer/songwriter
CoCo Coleman Facebook page jazz, R&B
Cold Springs Road website americana
Colebrook Road Reverb Nation page folk, bluegrass
Colin Deibler Soundcloud page singer/songwriter
Copper Sky website hippie, classic, acoustic, rock
Corty Byron website rock
Craig Wise Reverb Nation page Americana, newgrass
Crescent Moon website classic rock
Crystal City --- classic rock
Dan Cawood Ensemble Facebook page singer/songwriter
Dan Kibler website singer/songwriter
Dana Alexandra Facebook page indie, blues, pop
Dani Hoy website singer/songwriter, tropical
Danika Diverio Reverb Nation page singer/songwriter
Danny Stuber Reverb Nation page jazz, fusion, R&B
Dante Facebook page latin
Darcie Miner website indie, pop
Darry Miller and the Veil Reverb Nation page pop
Daryl Snider Facebook page singer/songwriter
Dave Lefever Facebook page singer/songwriter
Dave Pedrick website classical, jazz guitar
Dave Wilson website jazz sax
Dave Winter Reverb Nation page jazz, standards
David Louthan Reverb Nation page folk, singer/songwriter
D.C. and Company website blues, jazz, rock
Dead 50’s page punk/rock
Dean Clemmer & Larry Penner 10,000 Villages page acoustic duo
Deezle Church website southern rock, country, blues
Delta Road String Band Facebook page newgrass, bluegrass
Dennis McCaughey (Tropical Soul) website trop rock
Destined To Be Broken Reverb Nation page metal
DiDi Deluxe & The Dirty Devils Facebook page rockabilly
Disorderly Conduct Facebook page hard rock
Dominick Cicco Reverb Nation page rock, pop
Don Johnson Project Myspace page blues, funk, R&B
Don Judy Soundclick page blues
Don Peris website singer/songwriter
Doug Lasale --- jazz clarinet
Douglas Thomas website singer/songwriter
Dovetail web page pop, rock duo
Down to Earth Folk Alley page appalachian new wave
Dream Device website prog hard rock
Duane Slaymaker website singer/songwriter
Ducky and the Vintage Reverb Nation page alt, rock, indie
Dylan James & Co Bandcamp page singer/songwriter
El El Reverb Nation page pop, americana
Elijah Cross Reverb Nation page indie, pop, rock
Emily Yanek website singer/songwriter
Emily's ToyBox website rock, modern rock
Equinox website rock and roll, country
Eric & Kate Avey Veengle page bluegrass, gospel
Eric Athey Myspace page singer/songwriter
Erica Michele Facebook page pop vocalist
Erin Cruise website singer/songwriter, bandleader, vocalist
Escape Reverb Nation page rock, classic rock, modern rock
Evelyn’s Ashes Reverb Nation page rock, alternative, metal
Extremity --- jazz fusion
Exist In Suffering Reverb Nation page metal, metalcore, hardcore
Eye Wish Eye Reverb Nation page rock, alt rock
Fatal Impulse Reverb Nation page metal, metalcore
Face For Radio Reverb Nation page alt, indie, prog
Fearing The Abstract Reverb Nation page metal, metalcore, progressive metal
Felt Side Out Facebook page metal
Fire in the Glen website Irish
Fith Myspace page alternative, metal, rock
Flat Catz website R&B, blues
Flight Case Syndrome website metal, post hardcore, hard rock
Forget Harry website rock n' roll
Forgive Yesterday Reverb Nation page rock
Framed Innocent Myspace page punk rock
Frank & Lauren Barsmatr blurb acoustic duo
Frank Miller's Beard Facebook page ---
Frank Amanze Reverb Nation page singer/songwriter
Frankie Big Face website singer/songwriter
Franklyn Schaefer Reverb Nation page singer/songwriter, acoustic
Fred Pellegrini MySpace page classic rock, indie
Friction of the Day website party rock
Frog Holler website americana
From Under The Willow Reverb Nation page hardcore, metal
Funktion webpage funk, R&B, classic rock
Fuzzheimer Reverb Nation page americana, singer/songwriter
Garrahan's Ghost Reverb Nation page rock, punk rock, celtic
Ghost Light Radio Show website classic rock
Giovanni Traino Facebook page pop
Golden Mules website country rock
Grandma Shake Myspace page folk
Gray Wolf Reverb Nation page rock
Green Eggs website rock
Greg Grasa website acoustic rock, folk, country, blues, soul
Groove Jones website R&B, Soul, Funk, Party
Groove Jones Jr. Facebook page R&B, Soul, Funk, Party
Grumpy Old Men Facebook page rock, classic rock, progressive polka
Gun Metal Gray Reverb Nation page metal, hard rock, 80's rock
Gypsy Caravan website rock
Halestorm website hard rock
Harry V Trio Myspace page pop, jazz
Hassan Ali website composer, singer/songwriter
Headshot website rock, blues rock
Havana Blue Reverb Nation page pop, classic pop
Hemlock Hollow Facebook page americana, bluegrass, folk rock
Heroes 4 Ransom Blogspot page alternative, hard rock
Hexbelt website eclectic jam
Hey Hey Moon website indie, electronic, rock
Hiding Scarlet Reverb Nation page Prog Rock
Hillbilly Thunder Reverb Nation page country
HogMaw Reverb Nation page bluegrass, THUNDERGRASS! jam
Honey Pump Reverb Nation page rock, classic rock, alternative
Horrorwood Ending Myspace page punk, other
Hot Club du Jour website gypsy jazz
Hot Jam Factory Facebook page art rock
Hugless Reverb Nation page punk
Inca Campers Yahoo Music page alt reality
Indian Summer Jars Facebook page singer/songwriter, folk, blues
Jack Brunner Facebook page acoustic guitar
Jake Lewis website singer/songwriter
James Sampson Myspace page singer/songwriter
Jared Stillman Reverb Nation page alternative
Jason Kreider Brant Youtube page piano
Jason Barshinger Reverb Nation page singer/songwriter
Jay Umble website composer, jazz guitar
Jay Vonada website jazz
Jazz Me website jazz, blues, R&B
JB & The Deadbeats Facebook page acoustic, singer/songwriter
JC Fetlock website acoustic, folk
JC Fisher Reverb Nation page rock, acoustic
Jeff Calvin website blues, jazz guitar
Jeff Coleman Reverb Nation page singer/songwriter
Jefferson Pepper website folk rock singer/songwriter
Jeffrey J. Walker Myspace page acoustic, classic rock, country
Jeremy Harting website classical guitar
Jerry Duncan Reverb Nation page christian, gospel, country, alt country
Jesse Baker Reverb Nation page rock, alternative
Jessica Smucker website singer/songwriter, dark folk
Jessica Zimmerman Reverb Nation page country
Jett Prescott Facebook page singer/songwriter
Jim Folker Facebook page acoustic
Jim Rhoads Myspace page rock legend, teen idol
Jim Trostle website composer, piano, guitar
Jimmy the Whale Facebook page dance, rock, funk
Joe Cooney Myspace page classic rock, country, folk
Joe Lerman website acoustic classic rock, country
Joel Menchey website singer/songwriter
John Chapman website composer, piano jazz
John Kelly website singer/songwriter
John Link Gigmasters page jazz standards
John Protopapas website sitar
John Reever Facebook page acoustic
John Terlazzo website singer/songwriter
Johnny Brookside & the 717 Facebook page country, southern rock
Johnny Calamari Myspace page blues, crunk, soul
Johnny Presto Reverb Nation page pop, crooner, comedy
Johnny Reever Facebook event page classic, alternative rock
Jonnie Chimpo website rock, pop
Jordan McKenney Reverb Nation page singer/songwriter, folk/rock
Jordan Rast Bandcamp page singer/songwriter, americana
Josh Leik Myspace page singer/songwriter, americana
Joyryde website ---
Juan Catorse Band website christian rock, worship
Jump the Gun website classic rock, power pop, rock
Justin Angelo Reverb Nation page singer/songwriter, folk
Just Friends Reverb Nation page variety, weddings
Karen Peris page singer/songwriter
Katy Glorioso Reverb Nation page pop, folk, singer/songwriter
Kayla Kroh website singer/songwriter
Keith Kailian Myspace page acoustic, blues, folk
Ken Heeter website acoustic pop, rock
Kenton Shelley Band Reverb Nation page rock, indie rock, acoustic rock
Kevin Raubenstine Facebook page guitar
Kilmaine Saints website Celtic rock
Kingsfoil website rock, indie pop, alt
Kirk Folk Blogspot page acoustic
Kirk Reese Youtube video jazz piano
Kisu Reverb Nation page reggae, funk, R&B
Kixtart Bandmix page rock
Klinger McFry Band Youtube video folk, bluegrass
Kracker Bees Youtube video modern rock
Kris Kostoff Myspace page funk, jazz, trip-hop
Last Scene in Reno Reverb Nation page rock, pop, punk
Laura Luce MySpace page singer/songwriter
Lavacave Facebook page americana
Leadfoot Myspace page classic rock
Leah Burkey Reverb Nation page country
Legions Reverb Nation page metal, death metal, hardcore
Leo DiSanto website singer/songwriter
Leon & Tina Weidner --- ---
Lerman Richards Facebook page classic rock, country
Levi Road website modern country
Lingering Doubts --- acoustic classic americana
Linzi Brasie --- singer/songwriter
Lisa Evans Reverb Nation page jazz
Lisa Thomas website folk, alternative, classic
Little Ivory Blues Band website blues, funk, rock
Live website pop rock
Local Corn Facebook page country rock, bluegrass, southern rock, blues
Loren Peck and Joe Caloiero website blues, jazz, rock
Loretta Bilieux website rock
Los Playboys Reverb Nation page electric jazz improv
Lucky You website pop, rock
Make Like A Tree Facebook page progressive rock, metal
Mama Tried website rock
March to Victory Reverb Nation metal/death metal/extreme metal
Maria Rose & Danny Elswick website acoustic duo
Mark Boyd website acoustic and electric rock
Mark DeRose website singer/songwriter
Mark Focazio Youtube video blues piano
Mark Huber Trio Allmusic page jazz, standards
Mark Lentz Reverb Nation page rock
Martini Brothers website garage, punk, rockabilly
Marty Beebe Reverb Nation page folk, acoustic
Matt Goss website worship music
Matt Miskie website singer/songwriter, guitarist
Matt Wenger Facebook page musician/band
Matt Wheeler & Vintage Heart website singer/songwriter
Matthew Monticchio website composer, pianist
Meg and the Right Sound website rock, indie pop, soul
meta4 --- jazz
Michael Arthur and Cindy David Facebook page folk, folk rock, alt country
Mike Banks and Flying Colors Reverb Nation page rock, jam band, psychedelic
Mike Henry flickr page acoustic
Mike Hurst --- ---
Mike McMonagle Facebook page roots rock, folk
Milliontheband Youtube page rock
Miss T & the Mosquitoes Myspace page blues, R&B
Modern Day Pharaohs Facebook page 3-piece rock
Mojovishnu website groove
Mountain Road Reverb Nation page rock, blues, country
Muleman website classic rock, southern
Mumbo Jumbo website classic rock
Mutant Love Child Facebook Page original music
MuZette GigMasters page folk duo
Mycenea Worley website singer/songwriter
Naked Eye Ensemble website new music, experimental
Nate Myers website blues, roots rock
Necroleptia Facebook page deathmetal
Nina Scarcia Myspace page folk rock
Ninetail Reverb Nation page metal
Noel Gevers Reverb Nation page piano, vocals
Noitt Facebook page shoegaze, post rock, ambient
Not Just Pop Facebook page classic rock
November Drive Reverb Nation page alternative, singer/songwriter, acoustic
Oblivious Bob Reverb Nation page rock and roll
Octavia website blues
Olde Tigers Myspace page hardcore, punk
Olds Sleeper Bandcamp page lo-fi folk
On Stride website classic rock, acoustic duo
One Year Later Facebook page metalcore
Palm City Ramblers Reverb Nation page americana, rock
Parallax Project website modern alt
Paul Zavinsky website folk, rock, country, blues
Pear Street Reverb Nation page alt rock
Peggy Keller --- oldies, show tunes
Phil Cannizzaro Reverb Nation page singer/songwriter
Piece Of Me Myspace page metal, rock
Pike Possum Reverb Nation page metal, punk, stoner
Plugged In website dance and party
Pocketful o' Soul Reverb Nation page r&b, funk, dance
Primal Embrace Reverb Nation page metal
Purple Venom website rock, pop, funk, dance
R4 Reverb Nation page jazz, improv, chill
Ragtime Willi website funky folk music
Rahmemhotep Bandcamp page experimental folk industrial rock world
Randy Z website trop-rock, classic rock
Red Eye Facebook page funky blues reggae rock
Red Letter Morning Facebook page rock
Red Velvet Stepchild --- funky blues rock
Renee Heiser website singer/songwriter
Restless Youtube video 80's rock
Rhyne McCormick website folk, acoustic rock, blues
Rhythm Junkies --- ---
Ric Emery website southern rock, classic rock, singer/songwriter
Rigby In The Box Facebook page rock/reggae
River Rascals Facebook page rock, blues, country
Rob and Todd Facebook page acoustic
Robin Spielberg Reverb Nation page steinway artist
Robert Bobby website folk, singer/songwriter
Rock View Facebook page party rock
Ron Benway Soundcloud page Singer/songwriter
Ronnie Waters online article composer, arranger, horn
Roof Rockers website party, dance band
Roy Lefever Facebook page piano, vocals
Roy Smith Soundcloud page prog rock, jazz
Ruby Hummingbird website vintage jazz
Ruby Street Myspace page dutch pop, punk, rock
Rue De La Pompe website gypsy jazz
Running On Empty Band website southern rock
Ryan Kauffman website jazz
Ryan Sherk Facebook page ---
Ryan Wickersham Reverb Nation page rock, alt rock, acoustic rock
Sabrina Duke Reverb Nation page R&B, soul, blues, jazz
Saint Elouise Reverb Nation page pop jazz
Saint Sycamore Reverb Nation page indie, rock, pop, folk, experimental
Saints of Sorrow Reverb Nation page punk, street punk
Sal B Reverb Nation page folk, roots, blues
Salt Hill Reverb Nation page alternative, folk rock, indie
Save the Zombies Facebook page metalcore
Scott Parmer website singer/songwriter
Scott Rivers website classic, soft rock
Screamin' Daisys website rock, pop, dance
Sean Campbell Myspace page acoustic, pop
Seasons website variety acoustic
Seeds ReverbNation page alt, grunge, experimental
Seis Fifth ReverbNation page hip hop, rap, party
Shag the Band Facebook page unknown
Shane Haddaway Facebook page singer/songwriter
Shane Speal website blues, singer/songwriter
Shawn Campbell Reverb Nation page rap, hip hop, R&B
Shea and Swish Youtube video pop, rock
Sherwin Bandcamp page rock, acoustic, garage, punk
Shift Seven website rock trio
Shyster website rock
Sight Unseen Youtube video party band
Silver City Rodeo Reverb Nation page folk, americana, indie rock
Sinister Realm Facebook page heavy metal
Slim 6 Myspace page metal, rock
Slimfit website alt-country
Small Town Titans website heavy rock and roll
Smileyfoot Reverb Nation page punk, pop punk
Smokin Gunnz website southern rock
Smooth Like Clyde Youtube video pop, rock, hip-hop, dance
Soji Reverb Nation page R&B, soul, world, folk
Sometimes 5 Myspace page blues, funk, pop
Somewhat Sober Facebook page classic rock, acoustic
SongSmith Entertainment website pop, acoustic, soft rock
Sonia V Facebook page jazz, pop vocalist
Sons of Man Myspace page ---
Soul Solution website R&B, funk, soul
South Street website party, variety, dance
Squash Facebook page metal, rock
Stabley, Kuhns & Kostoff Trio -- jazz
Stan and Wes Hoke Youtube video acoustic, faith
Stan Middleton Band website classic rock
Stand Tall Baby Doll website party
Stellar Stew Reverb Nation page jam, rock, eclectic
Steve Courtney website childrens music, singer/songwriter
Steve Fureman Flipside PA interview piano
Steve Rudolph website composer, arranger, jazz pianist
Steve Ward Myspace page 2 step, a'cappella, happy hardcore
Strange Eden website pop, rock duo
Stu Huggens Facebook page country, singer/songwriter
Stuart Young website singer/songwriter, rock, acoustic rock
Suicide Puppets Reverb Nation page metal, industrial
Summer Thieves Youtube video rock
Suzi Brown website singer/songwriter
Sweet Life website acoustic duo
Symphony Of Sound Reverb Nation page rock, indie
SYRPlus Facebook page ---
Take 147 website rock, classic rock, alt rock
Tammi Hessen website West African hand drumming
Tatum Murray Reverb Nation page pop, acoustic, folk
Ted Ansel Facebook page piano
Temple Avenue Youtube video jazz
Ten Throne website rock, alternative, hard rock
Tenpenny --- ---
Terry Mullins CD Universe page country, singer/songwriter
Terry Strongheart Reverb Nation page singer songwriter
Testosteroso Facebook page comedy
Texas in July website metalcore, faith
That Girl Reverb Nation page indie, folk, pop
That’s What She Said Facebook page party, 80's and 90's covers
The Akrons Facebook page punk
The April Skies website alt
The Ballistics pub page blues, R&B
The Beaver Street Band Reverb Nation page R&B, soul, funk
The Billies Facebook page acoustic pop
The Chestnuts Facebook page classic country, rock, folk, blues
The C.O.S.T. Reverb Nation page hip hop
The Craven Family Band Facebook page folk, bluegrass, old-timey
The Dark Matter Trio website prog rock
The Districts Reverb Nation page rock, blues, indie
The DooZees Reverb Nation page rock, retro-rock
The Flying Tower MySpace page experimental, ambient
The Greatest Funeral Ever website jazz, rock, fusion
The Heavy Push Facebook page rock, blues, funk
The Hickory Town Ruckus website americana
The Humblers website blues
The Infidel Castros website americana, eastern
the innocence mission website alt rock
The Jellybricks website indie, power pop, rock
The Line Reverb Nation page rock, punk, hardcore
The Lonesome Stragglers Facebook page acoustic, country, roots
The Love Haters website classic rock, pop
The Luv Gods website rawk
The Mercury Crush Facebook page rock
The Myopics Reverb Nation page jazz, acoustic, swing
The Ogham Stones Reverb Nation page celtic rock
The Outhouse Facebook page rock
The Parlor Secret Reverb Nation page indie, math rock
The Party Bombs Reverb Nation page rock, dance, pop
The Pig Merchants website acoustic folk
The Poor Historians Youtube video acoustic pop, rock
The Regulators Myspace page blues, R&B
The Road To Milestone Reverb Nation page metal, metalcore, techno
The Scoville Units (US) Youtube video blues, R&B
The Silverhawks website classic rock, R&B
The Slackwater News website folk rock
The Sporting Hill Ramblers website irish americana
The Stray Birds website folk, old-timey
The Stonewall Vessels Pure Volume page folk rock, indie
The Substance Reverb Nation page reggae, rock, punk
The Taylor Poole Project Facebook page acoustic
The Thing With Two Heads Pure Volume page garage, jungle, R&B
The Thrillbillies --- country, bluegrass, rock
The Toke Brothers website acoustic classic rock
The Uptown Ramblers Myspace page classic rock and pop
The WhiteBread Band Facebook page rock 'n roll, dance, pop
The Willie Marble Xperience --- blues, rock
They Reverb Nation page rock
They Were Only Satellites Bandcamp page garage, astronaut-Mason/Dixon rock
Thing 3 Reverb Nation page rock
Things Behind the Sun Bandcamp page prog folk rock
Think Tank Trio Reverb Nation page jam, acoustic rock, funk
Tigerbomb Reverb Nation page rock
TiGHT FiTS Reverb Nation page hardcore
Tim Rinard Facebook page acoustic classic rock
Timeless Trio Gigmasters page show, variety
Times Two website acoustic classic rock, pop
Tom Pontz website jazz piano
Tom Witmer Myspace page jazz
Toph --- acoustic classic rock
Torie Capri Reverb Nation page R&B, soul, neo-soul
Traces of Eden website modern crossover country
Trailer Park Cowboys Reverb Nation page rock, honkytonk, hellbilly
Treplow Facebook page rock
Tres Cajones Myspace page under power trio
Trevor Hess Facebook page singer/songwriter
Trevor Keat Reverb Nation page rock, alternative
Trey Alexander website prog rock
Trio Agave Reverb Nation page rock/surf
Trixi in the Matrix Myspace page blues, jazz, latin
Troy Isaak Trio --- jazz
TT Max Facebook page rock and roll
Turn the Page --- acoustic classic rock
Two Moody --- acoustic duo
Two Pints Shy Reverb Nation page country, folk rock, americana
Uncle $am Band Facebook page rock
Underground Hotel Reverb Nation page rock
Unforgettable Big Band website big band
Unusual Suspects Facebook page americana
Up Pops The Devil Reverb Nation page rock, roots rock
Vin Fisher Reverb Nation page folk, alternative, singer/songwriter
Vinegar Creek Constituency website amerikindasorta string band
Vinyl Groov Reverb Nation page R&B, soul
Voice and Barz Myspace page hip hop, R&B, rap
Voxology Facebook page folk, americana
Waitin' On A Train Myspace page bluegrass, garage, roots
Wayfinder Trio Myspace page blues, country, roots
Wayne Supergenius website alt pop
Wayward and Down Facebook page noise folk
We Were Skeletons Myspace page punk
When Karma Was King Reverb Nation page singer/songwriter, alternative
Widad website folk, rock, americana
Wings To Save Facebook page alternative
Witch Hazel Reverb Nation page rock, blues, proto metal
Woggi Noggi website children's music
Worlds End Reverb Nation page hardcore, metal, rock
Wrath Of Typhon Reverb Nation page metal
Wyndfall website celtic, world, folk
Younger Me Facebook page indie, pop
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Updated 3/19/16