Some Changes Around Here



There have been some changes here at the Steam Powered Studio website. I'm going to focus on my music for the next while, rather than promote the Studio as a whole.

Indeed, if you've been following this project over the years you've probably figured out that I treat the site and the things I do with it as a free-ranging work of art. It has been an ambitious project, but one that has not been very satisfying for me. It's much easier to put art on a website than to turn a website into a work of art. What does that mean, anyway?

Is it like trying to turn a television station into a work of art? (not the stuff on the station, but the platform itself) Tech stuff has a job it has to do to function as whatever thing it is. I suppose that in order to create a website that was nebulous enough to feel like art yet still be functional I'd have to delve very deep into the code, into the support structure, and probably this would involve creating new functions.

I guess the closest things I've seen to the website AS art have been those old maps of the internet, where the shape of the connections formed an ever-denser geometric form that was constantly shifting. The idea of Google Trends page is similar, but actually very discouraging to watch. It's almost always whatever's in the news cycle at the moment, and you probably already know what that is.

So for the next while I'll just be putting out exactly what you'd expect from a singer/songwriter who has a website. Some music, some news, some photos and videos, maybe some merch and a schedule if I get some gigs. It's all pretty easy, and there's a lot of good singer/songwrite sites to steal from.