Keeping Time

Young people sing about forgetting, old people sing about remembering. That's the way it is for some reason. Seems like it should be the other way around.

Many years ago I wrote this song about forgetting; about forgetting, sometime in the future, something that had just happened. It was something tremendously important to me at the time, but I felt that, like anything else, it was in danger of being forgotten.

But hey- no problem! I'll just write a song about it, and as long as I have the song, I won't forget. Well that worked, because the moment has lost its power and would have been forgotten, but the song remembers it for me- triggered by the steady drip...drip...drip... of big drops of water hitting the casing of an air conditioning unit late at night.

Keeping Time

Keeping Time

That thief forgetfullness
Sometimes a blessing
Sometimes less

Each second has a price
Another small dose of poison
And something dies

If it were mine to chose
One moment
Not to lose

Up in a stormy sky
There was rain against a window
Keeping time