I worked this song up out of pieces- samples, if you will. The intro was some radio static, a couple of passes with a signal generator, probably some white noise through a filter and rolls on a cymbal. I wanted the sound of The Market crashing.

I remember the Savings and Loan bailout from the elder Bush's term as president. That was the first time I understood what it was to be too big to fail. Nothin' we could do about it then, and nothin' we can do about it now.

But then somebody did do something about it. They made war on the system that was too big to fail on September 11th, 2001. And for a while there, I thought they might just succeed in bringing it down.

So I pictured what was going through the mind of some (at the time) millionaire (by now, billionaire). A big market crash just happened, but for him, no worries. He just cuts himself a fishin' pole and heads down to the river that runs through one of his estates. He likes re-living his boyhood- it helps keep him young.

A Blues

A Blues

Catfish are jumpin, the weather is fine
This paper I'm holdin' ain't worth a dime
Ain't worth a dime
Rich gettin' richer, the people don't know
Standin' in line for a vaudeville show
Vaudeville show

Bears are dancin' under cocoanut trees
Miss Lewinski's down on her knees
Tall buildings blow away in the breeze
Help me Jesus, please.

[guitar break, with short wave broadcasts]

Bears are dancin' under cocoanut trees
Miss Lewinski, down on her knees
Tall buildings blow away inna breeze
Help me Jesus, please.

Catfish are jumpin, the maid is away
I think I might just stay home today
Stay home today