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the vault
vault isolation cabinet v1.0, Ⓒ 2015, j.banner

Sound leaks everywhere. In a small recording studio this can be a big problem. The vault can help.

vault cut-away

This cut-away view shows the concept- a box within a box, isolated and floating in a bed of sound-energy absorbing material.

vault rendering

With a guitar amp and microphone inside, a guitarist can play it loud and still co-exist with the vocalist.
tazetfreez emblem
tazetfreez emblem v1.1, Ⓒ 2013, j.banner
aluminum and acrylic

This object is machined from sheet aluminum.
On its "found" acrylic base it seems to radiate light.
tazetfreez emblem
caveman font v1.3, Ⓒ 2014, j.banner
.shx, .shp, normal and condensed

These AutoCAD fonts use the minimum number of lines to form a recognizable character set.
When carving text into panels with a table router, curves and corners slow things down. caveman is about 20% faster than the standard "stick" font.
Plus, it looks like a caveman did it.
tvee armoire/stereo cabinet v1.1, j.banner

This 50's television cabinet was originally
fashioned into an armoire.

tvee record player

Now it holds a stereo system and vinyl.

tv cabinet

The pulls are a nice detail.
stray frame
stray frame v1.0, Ⓒ 2016, j.banner
aluminum and polycarb

I loaned out the studio when a band needed a place to rehearse for a tour. I was delighted to find that they'd left me this poster as a gift.

It needed something to protect and preserve it.
gobo tv
gogobo acoustic panel v1.0, Ⓒ 2014, j.banner
pine and polycarb

A time-honored way to control sound in the recording studio are the baffles known as gobos. If a sound source is too big to fit in the vault (say, like a drummer) you put a couple of these up around it.

Shown here is a gobo with a built-in camera and display, so everyone can see what's happening on the other side.