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When you sponsor you'll get access for a year to our catalogue of recorded music, currently over 425 songs. You will receive news of upcoming projects and links to the newest music via e-mail.

You can e-mail me here if you have some other way to help out, or just to join our mailing list. Some people donate equipment- even just linking to us from your blog or homepage will help! Your monetary contribution pays for recording time, equipment, site hosting and maintenance. Most people think that giving us $20 a year for the work we do is a fair deal.
The thing that gave me the idea for sponsorship was when I heard an old song I loved and I wanted give something back to the people who made that record.

The music business doesn't work that way. That recording had been bought and paid for by a record company and the rights to it now belonged to some corporation. The musicians and others who helped create that record would never see another dime for their work.

How is that fair? Why couldn't I pay them directly for the song I enjoyed? The more I thought about it, the more I realised that I didn't want to pay for the song itself (after all, I already had a copy), I wanted to reward the people who made that song happen.

The answer to that, I think, is sponsorships. Sponsoring an artist's career directly might be the best thing- just a few thousand fans could easily keep someone fed and secure. But since one of the biggest expenses they face is recording their work, and since this is something I know how to do, I decided to launch this sponsorship idea as a way to give both artists and fans a decent recording.

Those little strings of zeroes and ones, those song files, are the legacy we create here in the studio. If you find some that you like, please help us make more of them...

Jeff Coleman (AKA Liv Pooleside), studio operator