Summer Thieves
Summer Thieves
These guys are another Craig Wise discovery. Kregger spots people I might like to work with at open mics and sends them my way. Tom and Joe are former punks, and still have the Marshall to prove it.

They are now settled into the quieter realms of rock and acoustic music and proving that they sing very well. They also write songs- a lot of songs. Some of them are not suitable for a family website, but mostly they reflect the influences of the great rock songwriters- Williams, Lennon, Colbain.

project notes
These guys are on the full sponsorship plan. We get our best results when we are bashing around in the studio trying out various crazy ideas. Most of them don't make it, but every now and then- magic!

They've recorded an EP here (You Can't Lie) and made a video (for the song Desert Girl). We're looking forward to producing some stuff starting with a full band, once the studio gets a bit more soundproofed. Meanwhile, here's one of their recent songs-

17 Ways

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