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cali dreamin'
cali dreamin' coffee table v1.0, Ⓒ 2016, j.banner
acrylic and laminated birch ply

At its best, southern California in the 50's and 60's incubated some great styles. This table was inspired by those dreams.

cali dreamin' detail

This detail shows the sweeping 1.25" thick top and the unique fasteners used for the base.
apogee end table
apogee end table v3.0, Ⓒ 2016, j.banner
acrylic and stainless steel

After cali dreamin' came apogee. It's a simple design that can be customised with a laminated top-

apogee end table, laminated top

-and/or surface illumination and built-in
usb charger outlets.

apogee end table, usb charger option
stardust roll-around table
stardust roll-around v1.0, Ⓒ 2014, j.banner
acrylic, aluminum and finnply

stardust is constructed from repurposed rock tour components- a bit of stage decking and the frame of a PA amplifier rack.

stardust roll-around, detail

It comes by its road-worn looks honestly.

stardust roll-around, alternative view