In the early '60's, producer Phil Spector created a sonic signature.
It became known as the "Wall of Sound".

Steam Powered Studio has a signature sound of its own.
We call it the "Bag of Sound".
The Bag of Sound is warm and intimate. Bluesman Dr. Mo says, "It's all in there!"

We can produce variations on the basic bag of sound to suit your needs. For example:
The Totesack of Sound, good for Delta blues and certain forms of country music.
The Pocket of Sound, just above a whisper.
The Backpack of Sound, for that open air feeling.
The Back Pocket of Sound, if you have a lot of money you want to give us.

How do we produce the bag of sound and its variations here at Steam Powered?

We can't give away our secrets, let's just say it's more about attitude than equipment.

But don't take our word on it, listen for yourself.

Here are some tunes pulled from the Bag of Sound by   Jeff Coleman.
These RealAudio streams are low-fi monophonic. To get in the proper mood, find an old transister radio and prop it up in front of your monitor...

Save to Serve Her- RA    -A ballad like they do in Memphis.
the Precious Thing- RA    -Latin flavor, with Doug Riley on lead guitar.

And here are the .mp3 files for your hi-fi, stereo listening pleasure!
Save to Serve Her.mp3 -3.9M
the Precious Thing.mp3 -3.2M

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"Royal Barge II" is instrumental ambient music for cruising the Nile.
This RealAudio stream is higher in quality- like the FM radio in a '70 Impala...

  Royal Barge II RA

And here is the .mp3 file, for the ultimate, double zero experience. (file size=3.3M)
  Royal Barge II.mp3

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Dave (Dr. Mo) Moyar is into the blues. Here's a sample from his recording project at Steam Powered.
Half Past Last Call RA -Words & music copyright 2000 Dave Moyar

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