the Blame
Glenn Redcay- bass and vocals
Guy Debris- guitar
Jeff Coleman- guitar, keys, vocals
Steve Patton- drums ('79-'80)
Blair King- drums and vocals ('80-'81)

The late 1970's was an exciting time. In Lancaster, we were just hearing the music that had been coming out of NYC and London for the past several years- what they called punk and New Wave. The basic idea was- do what you wanna do, make the music you wanna make, anything is possible.
project notes
We recorded a 45 rpm single in one 8 hour session at a place in Marietta called Atlantic Sound. We also did some home recording, and at least one live recording.

Kaya, recorded at Cat Ranch Studio in Paradise.

Elevator, the "A" side of the 45.

Little Girls in Hollywood, the "B" side of the single.