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At Steam Powered Studio we've been at this online music thing since sometime around 1998. We've seen the rise and fall of and Napster and a lot of other outfits. We're still here.

We've seen a lot of ideas put forward about how to pay for music online. We haven't seen anything yet that works as good as sponsorships.

When you sponsor the studio, unlike tipping, you'll get access to the complete catalogue of music that has been recorded here- around 350 songs right now. We accept sponsors at $20 per year and up.

You can become a sponsor just by clicking on old Sammy up there.

The Benefits of Sponsorship

Sponsors get access to the complete catalog of music recorded at Steam Powered (around 350 songs right now), as well as special tracks like works in progress and live recordings.

You can help us start a new way of making music.  Once we go full-time we will be producing over 50 songs a year in addition to the works in progress and bonus material.

A Business Plan:

# of Sponsors Result
20 Paid hosting, improving file transfers and storage.
Sponsor access to all song files.
10-15 releases/year.
100 Dedicated studio PC for sequencing, synthesis, and online connection.
Most day-to-day expenses.
15-20 releases/year.
1,000 Equipment upgrades.
Rewiring and sound treatment of studio.
Fully mastered releases.
Advertising and promotion of studio and performers.
20-25 releases/year.
3,000 Full-time production and promotion.
Full pay for sidemen.
Dedicated server.
50+ releases/year.

2009 marks over eight years of Steam Powered Studio online.  Sponsorship and traffic to the site have been steadily increasing, as well as the quality of our releases.

At somewhere between 100 and 1,000 sponsors things should get interesting.  The quality of the releases should equal anything on the commercial market, and the concept of a sponsored studio will be proven.   There will definitely be a buzz.

From 1,000 sponsors to full support might be rough.  There will be lots of activity not directly related to making music, but also a lot of interest in the studio.

Anything above and beyond the full level of support can go into artist promotions and special products and services for sponsors.

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