Time for some Woggi Noggi history! Ruby and Bruce went to Horst Oxenbinder's Steam Powered Studio back in April 2011 and started working on the basic tracks for the recording project. Here are Bruce and Ruby at work...
Ruby and Bruce

Ruthie is the other Woggi Noggi girl. Here is their theme song...
woggi noggi logo
...and here is Ruthie looking quite serious about her singing.

Here's Ruthie in a new hat!

Ruthie's new hat

(normally it's pj's and wigs for the girls) Ruby and Ruthie planned to use the songs to produce a bunch of videos that will (obviously) sweep the nation. Songs like this next one. (these songs are from a day in the life of the Woggi Noggi girls in Woggi Noggi land)

6 AM
It's a Beautiful Day.mp3 It's a Beautiful Day.ogg
It's a Beautiful Day is Bruce on bass, Ruby and Ruthie singing, and Ruby playing ukulele and congo. Here's Ruby overdubbing the congo part...

Ruby at congo

It was not unusual for there to be two costume changes per recording session- and several sessions went for around 12 hours. But Ruby and Horst had plenty of refreshments to keep them going.

break time

OK, after breakfast the Woggi Noggi girls love to hit the playground for their favorite thing- hanging upside-down!

8 AM
Playground.mp3 Playground.ogg
Playground was loads of fun to record. Ruby was looking for a sound to go with the hanging-upside-down part, and tried several things before hitting on the talking drum. Horst got to play the clave-clamped-in-a-vice-played-with-drumsticks to simulate skipping feet. Ruby thoughtfully provided the pants.

Turns out that it's a very special day in Woggi Noggi Land- the girls get to visit a goat farm!

goat farmers

You know what? Goats are Great!

10 AM
Goats.mp3 Goats.ogg
Goats is one of several songs that feature Dave Young on drums. (he came up with the goats-doing-a-rumba part) Here he and Ruby are working out some ideas.

Shawn and Dave

This song also features Ruby on her other major instrument, the harp.


Now that is a kick-ass harp! Ruby's husband builds 'em- no lack of talent in that family.

Here she's on the phone to him, explaining that she might be a little late...

harp and ruby

Well, there's a time in the Woggi Noggi day that features a bird that spells out words- a Wurdy Burd in fact! Here's his theme song-

11 AM
Wurdy Burd.mp3 Wurdy Burd.ogg
Horst is all proud because he got to play the boat-whistle part on this.

bruce is pissed

I'm not sure how Bruce feels about this picture...

OK, after the Wurdy Burd does his thing, the girls stumble upon some chickens with attitude.

12 AM
Bock Bock.mp3 Bock Bock.ogg
Ruby really seems to like chickens a lot!

ruby and roosters

We've gotten into the afternoon part of the Woggi Noggi day now, and let me tell you, it's HOT! Fortunately, the girls have the solution...H2O!

1 PM
Get Wet.mp3 Get Wet.ogg
I think that they get a little too deep in the water there, because they meet some strange characters...

the octopi

(not that they are strangers to strange, mind...)

3 PM
Octopi.mp3 Octopi.ogg
Ruthie has an awesome dance for this one.

Some of this may have been inspired by the cool refreshments.

ruby and chet

After the undersea adventure, the girls to go see a friend. It's a long, long walk... but there is a beautiful harp song to help them on their way.

4 PM
Yeah Yeah.mp3 Yeah Yeah.ogg
ruby on harp

Later on I join Ruby on a little do-wop thing. This is quiet time.

6 PM
Me and You.mp3 Me and You.ogg
Now, that's nice. Finally, Shawn plays the harp theme that rolls everyone off to sleep...

8 PM
Theme Roll.mp3
ruby and ruthie

And so ends another Woggi Noggi day.

(Woggi Noggi, the Woggi Noggi logo, Wurdy Burd, and all songs are the intellectual property of Shawn Drain, and may not be used without her permission. The very Woggi Noggi clock face is from a design by Ji Lee.)