Music for the Dreaming Gourd

I composed music for Victoria Mowrer's story The Dreaming Gourd over the space of several months in the Spring and Summer of 2023. It was all open-ended at first, but I had the idea of using the same seven notes in unique melodies and voices for each of the seven main characters in the book. This ties them together, yet allows for their individuality
It's a theme that plays out within the story.

The seven-note scale I used for these melodies was the starting point for the chord structure behind the sections throughout the piece. Beginning with the opening Stars theme, I followed the storyline as I imagined it, progressing through delight and wonder to fear and concern. The faint cries from the distressed Earth form their own, related melody, which is answered by each of the deities in turn as they formulate their plans to help.
Dr. Michael Jamanis plays the theme of Weaver on violin, and Jc Fetlock that of Baker on flute.

The piece then follows the course of action- or contemplation- followed by Dreamer. Her discoveries and realisations inspired the themes of the Ocean, of Spring Water, of the Gourd Bower, of Flowers blooming and of Bees dancing.
(twining and dancing melodies created on violin by Dr. Jamanis)

These events are contrasted to the unsuccessful attempts to help Earth by the other deities. Plagued by a world-wide Drought, they humbly Plead for the aid of Dreamer, who they now admit had followed a wise course.

Dreamer in the Bower

Dreamer generously offers to help the others, but insists that they cooperate with one another as they venture to the edge of the fearsome Chasm to obtain the water they need. We hear them sing their songs as individuals and then once together, making a strange and wonderful harmony. Except for the Impatient one, who sneaks off to enact her own Secret Plan.

Sadness turns to anger when Dreamer discovers the theft of her very special Dreaming Gourd, and she sets off to find the culprit. When she does, she releases the seeds that she had dreamed into the gourd, which spring forth to renew the barren Earth and empty sky.


When the sounds of this rebirth have settled down, the deities join together to dance and celebrate their restored relationship, all their diverse characters forming a greater whole. Jamanis and Fetlock jam along at their party!

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Jeff Coleman

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