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Some folks were asking about music from the band Dark 30 a few weeks ago. As it happens, the last three gigs by the band were recorded live to DAT in stereo. This was in the Spring of 1991, and I have recently transferred these recordings to hard drive.

Dark 30

It may seem hard to believe it now, but in 1991 a band gig on the bar circuit typically went from around 10:00 to 2:00. Four sets with three breaks. Roughly forty songs. While I'm happy to have three complete nights from the band, 12 hours makes for a lot of critical listening! Fortunately I don't have to cherry-pick the best versions of particular songs, because for some reason the second set at the final gig was peak Dark 30.

Dark 30 second set

So join us now at the DipCo as we return to those innocent times: pre-Covid, pre-9-11, pre Y2K and pre .08% legal limit!

Smoke 'em if you got 'em.

Dark 30 logo

crowd noise.mp3

I Ain't Got You (Yardbirds).mp3

Runaway (BoDeans).mp3

Dixie Chicken (Little Feat).mp3

Knockin' On Heaven's Door (Dylan).mp3

Cissy Strut (Meters).mp3

Big Boss Man (Reed).mp3

What Goes Up Must Fall (Dark 30).mp3

And It Stoned Me (Morrison).mp3

Deal (Garcia).mp3

Pink Cadillac (Springsteen).mp3

(special bonus track)

Noble Heart (Dark 30).mp3