55 gallon drum


Way back last century a bunch of crew-cut kids got together in a little place outside of L.A. to have big fun with science. Wish I had been there to watch the sky light up on testing nights!

Guitar shredding courtesy of Jeff Gibble!

Simi Valley Rocket Club.mp3

Simi Valley Rocket Club

Boys your eyes will leave your sockets
When you see all our rockets
We got rockets in our pockets
In our club up in the hills
Liquid sodium will cool ya
And we all shout "Halleluja!"
Halleluja, what's it to ya?
That's just how we get our thrills
Stay clear the rocks and sands
Out beyond the testing stands
We got plans for all those sands
And they don't involve the law
You better stay more close in
Til' you get a bigger dose in
Dosie-doe, it's bound to happen
You spend any time at all

Simi Valley Rocket Club
Simi Valley Rocket Club

Now, we're gonna make a sally
To the pits in Happy Valley
Happy Vally, up the alley
With a 50 gallon load
You can cock it, you can aim it
If you hit it you can claim it
Only never ever name it
Primed and ready to explode
Later on then, if you're wishin'
We can do a little fission
Take the bait and climb the mountain
The collection ponds are green
Up above we got the Dipper
Over yonder stands The Gipper!
To the south the Valley's hipper
But they can't beat our crazy scene

Simi Valley Rocket Club
Simi Valley Rocket Club

Don't know if you got the news here
We don't pay any dues here
We collect for what you use here
Only after you have gone
Do we really need remind you
Better leave it all behind you
We will know, and we will find you
If you're glowing like the dawn

Simi Valley Rocket Club
(that's right)
Simi Valley Rocket Club